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  1. I purchased the Mac/OSX version of Enpass and created a Vault with 200+ entries.

    My goal now is to move the Vault to an iPad running iPadOS. I plan to NEVER update the Enpass from iPad. Only update it on the Mac. But I do NOT want to leave a copy on ANY Cloud.

    1) Is there any way to copy the Vault from Mac to a USB drive and then import the Vault into EnPass on a iPad Pro running iPadOS?

    2) If answer to 1 is NO, Assume I backup the Vault from Mac to Dropbox and then I sync the Vault from Dropbox to iPad. AFter the sync is complete, what happens if I delete the Vault from Dropbox? Will the iPad continue to work correctly?

    Thank you


  2. My goal is to share a password Vault between Windows, Mac, iPhone, and iPad. I also expect to only periodically sync the Vault because once I create it, I expect to make very few changes. 

    The questions I have:

    Can I setup Enpass to use a Cloud, do the sync, then reconfigure EnPass to use only a local Vault and not the Cloud? I would want to do this sync followed by reconfigurations to local Vault on all Mac, Windows, iOS platforms. Is that possible? 

    I would then want to delete the Vault from the Cloud. Which Cloud (Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive etc) allows me to delete the Password Vault?

    Thank you 


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