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  1. Yes thank you that worked for me. 6.3.0 was not in German PlayStore until today. Have a nice day
  2. Hi. On Android and PC. It was not bought from PlayStore. Found an old email from beginning 2016. I don't want to loose the pro but I do not like Abos Your purchase has been bound with Google account xxxxxx@gmail.com. Using this account, you can unlock the pro version on maximum 5 different Android devices.
  3. Hi. I am using an old pro version before 2015 I think. I always used a backup of your app when using a new phone. So I never had to register again. But I think there were only 5 installations allowed or something like that. Sorry very long time ago.... Do this old user get pro? Or do I have to spent the 12 euro as long as it works ? Mike
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