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  1. since there are no more replies it seems that its not possible to convert/import roboform data?

    How about this.  I have another password program called Revelation.  I use this as a kindofa backup and its barebone.  I can export their data file and it looks like:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <revelationdata version="0.4.14" dataversion="1">

        <entry type="website">
            <field id="generic-url">https://login.aarp.org/online-community/loginform.action?request_locale=en</field>
            <field id="generic-username">drufus2002@yahoo.com</field>
            <field id="generic-email"></field>
            <field id="generic-password"> xxxxxxxx</field>

        <entry type="website">
            <name>Actiontec c2000 - main router</name>
            <description>main router</description>
            <field id="generic-url"></field>
            <field id="generic-username">admin</field>
            <field id="generic-email"></field>
            <field id="generic-password"xxxxxxxx</field>

        <entry type="website">
            <name>Actiontec forum</name>
            <field id="generic-url">https://actiontecsupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/topics</field>
            <field id="generic-username">drufus2002@yahoo.com</field>
            <field id="generic-email">drufus2002@yahoo.com</field>
            <field id="generic-password"xxxxxxxxx</field>

        <entry type="website">
            <field id="generic-url">http://www.afterdawn.com/?utm_source=newsletterENG&amp;utm_medium=email&amp;utm_campaign=20140321</field>
            <field id="generic-username"> jgw</field>
            <field id="generic-email"></field>
            <field id="generic-password">xxxxxxxx</field>

  2. I renamed the files and it was ignored (continued to show me just the text files).  Then I found I could actually choose the file from the folder.  The name of the file is now greglist.html but, when I tried this, I was told there was nothing to import.  I could probably tell your program that we are dealing with a txt file but I think the formatting would do that one in.

    Its kinda interesting in that the file is actually a formatted text file (2 columns and each column is broken into 2 more columns)  I was going to send you part of the file but it morphed into 2 columns and was not accurate.    I was thinking of sending the entire file but that would include all my passwords (a 50 year accumulation) and that wouldn't really be all that wise.

    I also thought that, perhaps, choosing "windows html" might have your program thinking I am on a windows machine - I am not. 

    I am also considering converting the html file to txt using libre office writer.  Here is what one looks like after such (access for my router)::


    Act­iontec C20­00a=d









    Here is another:



























    United States









    So, basically, I am stopped...................


  3. I am using ubuntu 18.04.3

    I am trying to import an .htm file created by roboform

    I went to files/import and choose html file windows (I used a windows 10 machine).  I went to my documents folder where greglist.htm resided.  I tried to import the file (greglist.htm) from my documents folder but it only listed the 2 .txt files in that folder and not the .htm folder.  So I tried to exit (2 windows) and thought I had.  Then I thought I would try again.  It came up with the export screen again, this time it choose JSON and its stuck.  I can shut it down but, everytime I bring it back up its stuck on the import screen and will not move.  I figured out how to get back to the menu so its no longer stuck but, still, I can shut it down and it always comes back to export which I can't make work.  I would send a copy of a log file but can't find any.

    I have, incidentally, been messing with this stuff for over 50 years so have some small knowledge of how its supposed to work.   


  4. Thank you for the reply..........

    I will be using this on something like 4 computers and will store the file on the cloud (I think you are offering a one for a 1 time fee of about 10 bucks?  Since I tend to ignore my phone, except for calls from my wife, I will probably not be connecting that.

    Oh, I don't mind paying for this service - you guys gotta eat!

  5. Thank you for the response.

    I think this is the same as getting a notification/response?  What I would like to do is request responses for any post I might post.  This is pretty much standard for most forums I have been on.


  6. I am running with ubuntu 18.04

    I am also running with a vpn

    I notice that it seems that anytime I want to do something I must turn it off.  Does this mean that anytime you are filling in passwords, etc. I must turn off my vpn?

  7. I am running with ubuntu 18.04.3

    I just installed enpass, brought it up, and created a password.  Then I cleverly lost that password.  So, I then removed enpass and reinstalled enpass.  When I installed it I didn't purge so it still thinks its the previous installation.  This means I can't login and my secret password remains a secret.

    Before I make another run at this I thought I would try and get some advice on how to do it right.

    I have now reinstalled again and failed again.  Then I removed enpass again then did a --purge then did a search for 'enpass' and deleted EVERY instance of enpass.  then I reinstalled and still have the same problem. 

    Thoughts, anybody?

    Thank you................

  8. I have been reading about importing roboform data.  Seems there might be a problem so I thought I would ask if that problem no longer exists or not.  The last posting I found was in april of 2019.

    I am running with ubuntu 18.04 and have to find myself a new password manager.  I can use my wife's windows machine to get my password info into a file.  Oh, I also swear I saw something that inferred another way to import roboform passwords by sending you the roboform information and you have an program to take it from there - was there something like that?


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