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  1. 6 hours ago, Tahreem said:


    The CPU usage might differ based on the Windows configuration you are using on your device. I have tried testing the app on my device and everything seems to be working alright. Please refer to the attached screenshot. 

    We will still be monitoring this continuously on other devices and systems to see for any anomalies. I hope this helps!


    Screenshot (2).png

    Please show me the information in the "App history" tab. There are some statistics.

  2. 2 hours ago, Tahreem said:


    Glad you like our product. 

    Enpass is an offline password manager, however, it requires an internet connection in these scenarios:

    • downloading website icons for items saved in vault.
    • syncing data with cloud.
    • while registering an account via email and fetching the account info from our server

    For the CPU usage, please note Enpass needs some memory allocation for the app to work properly. All the related apps need a memory of around 60 MB. If you are observing anything more than that, please let me know. 

    It is reasonable that Enpass need some CPU usage and requires some internet connection. My concern is that Enpass uses CPU and network significantly more than necessary.

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