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  1. On 15-3-2020 at 19:30, Gwen Prill said:

    Like I said in my post above if you want to rollback to the previous version with Debian or ubuntu then follow these instructions:

    For anyone that wants to rollback to the previous working version you first need to download the previous package by goin to this link:


    And after that you can rollback the software by using this command at the terminal:

    sudo dpkg -i enpass_6.3.3.601_amd64.deb 

    You may see some errors at the command line but it should still work.

    https://apt.enpass.io/pool/main/e/enpass/enpass_6.3.3.601_amd64.deb will not download but the latest not working version.

    But thnx SR68503, 

    sudo aptitude install enpass=

    brought my Enpass back to life  :-)


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