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  1. Thanks Pratyush, That's what I had thought initially however in Windows explorer I normally have hidden items as shown. Doing checks from the command prompt running the usual commands like 'dir /A:DHSL' reveals other hidden folders and junction points, but the Enpass folder I created just does not exist outside of the application. To help illustrate, attached are screenshots showing: 1. the folder and keyfile created in, and accessed from, Enpass. 2. the same parent folder trying to access using Windows explorer 3. the Error message when I copy the path from the Enpass keyfile dialog, and try pasting that path into the Windows Explorer address bar. One possible explanation I can think of is Enpass has implemented some form of virtual folder mapping to hide the actual location of the keyfile. Hopefully this makes the nature of the problem clearer.
  2. Hi Garima, Sorry if this wasn't clear from my original post, but I am unable to transfer the keyfile as it is not accessible in the first place, either from Windows file explorer or using cmd shell. It seems at the time the keyfile was generated and saved within Enpass the application appears to have saved it in a way that makes it inaccessible through conventional means. This circumstance is not covered by the documentation in the user manual. Thanks
  3. Looking for guidance on how to copy the enpass keyfile from one PC to another? I am testing out Enpass as an alternative to my existing password manager. As I work from a couple of desktop PCs (home & office) being able to use Enpass directly from both desktops is a showstopper requirement. Further to this keeping a local backup of the keyfile is needed should I change PC's in the future. Having setup a vault that requires both a master password and keyfile on one PC, I now want to copy the keyfile across to the other PC so I can open the vault from there, but I am unable to access the keyfile. When browsing in file explorer to the location I saved the keyfile it does not exist. Curiously I can only see the keyfile folder when browsing from within Enpass. However it is not possible to copy the file from this browse window. The only option I can see for transferring the keyfile is the QR code so the mobile app can access it, which doesn't help with the desktop version. Does anyone know: How to access the local keyfile so it can be copied/backed up? If the copy placed on the 2nd PC needs to be setup in a special way? (i.e. Does Enpass app require the keyfile to be stored in a similar 'phantom' folder setup) Thanks in advance
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