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  1. Hi,

    I have been using EnPass with TouchID for some years now everything worked well until today. Multiple things are wrong:

    Since this morning, I am not able to activate TouchID anymore and all the security options don't work anymore. Also, PIN configurations are not saved by the app as well as the time-based logout settings. Now EnPass always locks directly after leaving the app. 

    Today, EnPass suggested that I should register an account because I am eligible to use EnPass Pro for free. When I do that, the registration somehow succeeds, but my E-Mail is not shown (Email field is empty) in the "registration was successful" screen. After going through the registration process, the app still suggests, that I register and says I'm not registered but shows, that the Pro account somehow is activated.

    When I want to enable TouchID, the button instantly deactivates the function. So it is not possible to turn it on at all. This is really frustrating, I now have to enter the Master Password every time I want to use the app!!

    Here are my software versions:

    • Enpass Version: 6.4.4 (462)
    • iOS Version: 13.4.1 (iPhone 7)

    What I have tried so far:

    • Resetting all TouchID settings and re-activating them (although I think that this is not the root cause because all the other security settings don't work as well)
    • Deinstall EnPass completely and reinstall the app + new synchronization set up
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