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Found 1 result

  1. Dear Community, I am using Enpass since years. Now, after several years, I found out that I forgot my Masterpasswort. I can access ma Data via TouchID on my iPhone. I would -of course- like to have a passwort as backup access in case the iPhone fails some time. I understand that I cant restore the passwortm which is a safety feature. So far, so good. The Questios: Is it possible, to install the Desktop version, create a new Masterpasswort and write all the Passwords and access data manually into it and sync it after that with the iphone? Like this: 1. Install the Enpass Desktop on the Windows machine 2. Create a new data base with new Masterpassword 3. Move all data manualla one by one onto the Desktop version 4. after that, delete the enpass and re-install it using the new Masterpasswort and database from the onedrive or dropbox Is that clear enough for you guys? I simply don't want to spend the time to enter all passwords into he destop version if I can't import the data later to the iPhone. On the other hand, I don't want to spend the time to mover the passwords etc temporarily to a Excel or Word sheet and back from there if it is not neccessary. Thanks from Germany for your help Electrixer
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