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Found 2 results

  1. i had to reinstall the app on ios (iphone) becuse it kept crashing after opening. now there seems to be a registered EMail on my account which isn't mine. pls. view screenshot. i am worried that this is fraud or scam activity. The EMail (german notification see below) is definately not mine and i can't change it! pls. adv. thank you.
  2. Hello there I'd like to share something very scary that happened to me a few days ago. I searched for Enpass on the Google Play Store and downloaded the app without checking it thoroughly. The app installed, and looked like Enpass, the only difference was the icon: instead of the usual keyhole in a blue circle, it looked like a pile of sheets with a keyhole in the middle. I launched it and it asked me whether I wanted to type in new data or restore previous data from the cloud. I chose to restore the data from Dropbox (I'm already using Enpass on other devices) and the app tried to connect with no success. It said it was impossible to connect and to try later. I tried a few days in a row, getting always the same result. Today I tried again and this time a message in a window popped up, saying that "probably an app on my phone was trying to connect to Dropbox in a fraudulent way and that Dropbox refused the connection". I panicked and uninstalled the app, going back to the Play Store to check for it. The app was not there anymore, and I downloaded what looks like the real Enpass. Now I'm scared to death. What if this fake app actually connected to my Dropbox and download the stored passwords? Many thanks for any suggestion. Andrea
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