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  1. I was using Dashlane on a work laptop PC (Windows 7, IE 11) and a personal laptop (Windows 10, IE 11). I also have a new Samsung Galaxy S8 which I wanted to also sync passwords to. Dashlane wanted to charge a ridiculous, recurring charge for an Android device so I decided to switch to Enpass after reading a large number of positive reviews. So, one of the much-touted features of Dashlane was a wide range of competing password managers it could import passwords, etc from, including Dashlane. This is true in theory but in practice, largely due to the badly formatted CSV export output from D
  2. Hello to all. I am sure that I have long been looking for this product to replace my keepass. Having tested the desktop version of the program for Linux, I decided to go to enpass completely, however, I encountered difficulties in importing the base from keepass to enpass. I have pass base in keepass with 477 item. My keepass db structure is: Root---- ------cat1 ------cat2 ------cat3 -------------subcat3.1 -------------subcat3.2 -------------subcat3.3 ------cat4 ......etc What i do? -> go to keepassx->export my db to CSV->go to enpass->import data from kee
  3. Hello Everyone I'm trying to import from my KeePass Database, but no matter which format I choose (*.csv, *.xml, *.html) and which encoding I use (UTF-8, ANSI) and which Enpass Version I use (Current release on Windows Store which I tried first or 32-Bit Beta Version which I tried after that) it always keeps saying "nothing to import". The Manual of Version 6.2 says it should be possible: https://www.enpass.io/docs/manual-desktop/import_keepass.html Can you guys help me? Kind regards Nick
  4. Hi, Can I import data from DataVault 6? I don't see DataVault on the list when going to File>Import and when I tried importing a CSV exported from DataVault, the results were unusable. Thanks.
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