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Import from iAccounts - any success from anyone?

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  • 2 months later...

Just succeeded!

1. Export from iaccounts as CSV (choose comma as separator)

2. Open this with excel

3. Delete FIRST column (that contains the category name)

4. Change header of  "new"  Column one from Record Name to Title

5. When in Enpass, choose import as 1Password in form of CSV

6.  Clean data: 

a. eg if there are two or more "Numbers" in iAccounts, iAccounts exports only the last entry. Not much we can do but to re-enter those data manually (copy and paste) . 

b. watch out for first digit of zero in a number as excel changes 01234 to 1234

c. watch out for long numbers eg 1234567890 as excel changes that to +E format

d.  watch out for fields in iAccounts that contain comma, as that will be exported as two data fields

Hope that helps!

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