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2FA Enpass not secure?

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So Enpass is an offline password manager. But if you decide to sync your data, you have to use the cloud because you can't use Wi-Fi sync. I have to store my container on services like iCloud or Google, Dropbox if I want to access it from all my devices. 

Enpass is missing a 2FA. If somebody is able to access my cloud or hack the service I‘m using, he can steal my container. Enpass only offers a master password and nothing else. It can be hacked more easy than having a second factor. 

Any plans on adding such a feature in the future?

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Akash Vyas    13

Hey @Chippelchen88

As you said Enpass is an offline password manager and we don't keep any of your data with us. So it's not technically possible to enable 2FA for Enpass. But all the cloud services you mentioned support 2FA, you can enable 2FA for the cloud account. It won't affect the behaviour of Enpass in any way. 


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