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Onedrive cloud permissions - edit/delete all SharePoint data


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I wanted to add OneDrive sync, but I see a strange permissions request:

This app would like to:

Sign you in and read your profile - totally fine

Have full access to the application's folder - totally fine

Maintain access to data you have given it access to -  fine (even though I don't know, how it will give access to 3rd parties)

Edit or delete items in all site collections - what?! Delete or edit all SharePoint and OneDrive data?! (for those who don't know, each SharePoint site is a site collection and Onedrive is part of a SharePoint site)[expanded description: Allow the application to edit or delete documents and list items in all site collections on your behalf.]


So why is there a request to edit and delete all SharePoint data, the user has access to? The permission "Have full access to the application's folder" should be enough.

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