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What if I loose everything


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Am new with enpass and try to understand it bit better.

what if:

> I'm in a foreign country, i loose everything, laptop, phone etc...

1. So far connect to my email account (I remember the password) then I can get all the information I saved their. I can actually connect to all my account (fb, etc..)

2. If am using Enpass, what can I do? I will log on a public computer but then I can't access to anything? What did I missed?


Thanks for you answer.



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Hi Pierre,

It depends on whether you use cloud synchronization or not. If you only keep your enpass data locally on the device, then you're screwed. If you sync the data over the cloud (dropbox, google drive, etc), then you only need to install enpass again on whatever device you have and then sync the data again with the cloud, provided that you still remember your cloud's username and password, and your enpass master password.

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