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Deleting Enpass of an old MAC


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Hi @KevinC

For macOS, the deletion of all Enpass data depends upon the source of Enpass installation (whether you’re using App Store or Website version).

  • Apple App Store: Click and hold on the Enpass icon in Launchpad, and Enpass icon will start jiggling with a ⊗ sign on it. Use that, and your application will be uninstalled with the removal of Enpass container (data) from Users/<home-folder>/Library/Containers/in.sinew.Enpass-Desktop.
  • Website version: If you have installed Enpass from our website, you need to delete both the app and data manually. To remove information, you need to delete the Enpass folder from Documents (which is the default location). If you have ever changed the location to somewhere else, you need to remove it from there too.

Also, if you have ever exported or manually taken a backup of your data, then you need to delete that too from the device.


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Ok thank you Vikram.  Yes, all my versions of Enpass are through the Apple App Store.  Lastly, so if I delete Enpass on the old Mac, can I assume that my mobile and other Mac will still have all the Enpass app and data still ...so that I can keep on using Enpass on other devices?

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