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  1. Are other people experiencing this error as well? Using Windows Traditional 5.6.0 Firefox 57, latest extension (had the issue on Firefox 56 as well) Logging in to a microsoft account is a 2-step process. First fill in E-mail and submit, then fill password and submit. When I use Enpass autofill: It fills the e-mail correctly and submits Next page (password-page) I immediatly get an error "account or password incorrect, try again" I can use autofill again for the password and it logs me in without problems. Could enpass be submitting too much on the first step that causes the error? Other services that use 2-page logins don't seem to have this problem: Google gets logged in instantly: Enpass fills in e-mail + submit and password + submit Amazon is not instant, but without errors: Autofills e-mail + submit and then I have to ask Enpass to de the same for the password Yahoo behaves the same way as Amazon.
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