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  1. Ive tried that. Chrome, IE, Edge, Firefox. It just doesnt attempt to open any web browser as it does for the other sync choices. Very odd. Ive even wiped the PC and its a clean build.
  2. I’m not able to set-up iCloud Sync on Win10 as its doesn’t open an authentication page. I click the iCloud Sync option, I get presented with the following message, but nothing happens: “You have been redirected to the iCloud login page. Please log in” - But nothing happens. If I try Google Drive, or OneDrive for example they open a browser window to authenticate. This doesn’t even attempt to open a browser window. I just see the message. Issue on Windows 10 Pro. Latest version. Using the latest version of Enpass 6.4.2 Any advice would be most grateful. Thanks.
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