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  1. Any estimate on when this will happen? Thanks
  2. Yes, I understand that the vault is isolated and that no one has access to its data. My question was regarding the tracking of activity and other PD you collect and how that is treated. Can you shed more light on this topic in particular, the third parties you share it with and this Indian company? . Thanks.
  3. I find all the explanations given plausible as users can limit the features they use (like signing in with Google) to avoid tracking. The paragraph that troubles me is the last one where you talk about this Indian company. Not only we don’t know what company is that or what they do (are they a conglomerate of SW development + tracking + marketingthat could also resell the information?) Unfortunately this clause also leaves the door open to enable any other third party company to get access to tracking data and that is not acceptable to me. As I’m considering to move to the Pro version, is there any way protect privacy in a better way like disabling information sharing?. Thanks.
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