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  1. Thanks Pratyush, Enpass is currently on my desktop, old laptop and mobile device and all works well. Only when trying to setup on my new laptop does it complain as shown in my previous messages. I appreciate the assistance.
  2. I am certain it was entered correctly. using word to type, verify and copy paste. Good thought thank you. Its something with Enpass I think. Seems there are others with the same issue throughout the forum. have a great day tremor
  3. Help/about is not available until I get into enpass, but it was the latest from the Microsoft store downloaded day before yesterday.
  4. Windows 10 Screenshot Attached, Enpass downloaded from windows store. Dropbox restore error screenshot attached Backup restore screenshot attached. I am 100% certain both the password and keyfile are correct as well. please advise and thank you for the help.
  5. Having no luck setting up Enpass on a new laptop when trying to restore from my previous pc. I have tried the backup restore method and I receive "Internal Error -995" and when trying to restore. When I try from my cloud (dropbox) account I receive password and/or key used are incorrect and I am certain both are correct. I am open to suggestions and thank you for assisting. Kind Regards. John
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