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  1. Sorry for the late reply, life has gotten in the way of conversion. What do you mean about selecting the directory, not the file? When I click on the folder next to the file name box, it opens a selection window. I can select the folder my 1pif file is in, but the file that displays in the folder is gray. There is no way that I could accidentally pick the wrong thing, unless there is some other way to select the file that is not obvious? That is how I know the file is actually there, it shows up in the file list even though it is grayed out. So I click on the folder name, press OK, and get the message that there is no pif file (even though there obviously is). Sorry if this is a filly question, but there doesn't seem to be a way to make an error unless there is some other selection mechanism that I am unaware of.
  2. I exported a vault in 1password to 1pif format. I open Mac version of Enpass, select import, select 1password and 1pif format. I then click on the folder icon and navigate to the folder my pif file is in. The file is there, because it shows up in the picker window. However, when press "Continue" I get a message in red "No PIF file present in selected folder". The file certainly is there, I see it in Finder and I see it in the window where I choose the directory. What do I do when Enpass says something is not there but it is?
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