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  1. On 7/17/2020 at 3:35 PM, Garima Singh said:

    Hey @Clander

    Thanks for writing back.

    As you have mentioned that you have restored third vault of Enpass on other devices except Linux. In that case, please follow the below steps to restore the same vault of Enpass on Linux by using the following steps-

    • Take the backup of same vault of Enpass data from your windows desktop using these steps. Open Enpass > Click on 'Settings' > Click on 'Vaults' and select the third vault > Click on 'Backup now' given at the bottom > Select the location and save it.
    • Now login to your Dropbox cloud account on your windows desktop and upload the backup folder in the Enpass app folder.
    • Now login to your cloud account on your Linux device, download the same backup folder data and save it locally.
    • Open Enpass on your Linux--> Settings --> Vaults --> Create a new vault by clicking on '+' > Restore the data from the backup file saved locally.

    Hope this helps.

    Thank you for this solution. I confirm its works on Popos 20.04, the vault its restored ok. I've yet to check if the vaults sync well with the other installations of enpass.

    UPDATE: The sync works ok with the others OS. Thank you!!

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  2. Thank you @Garima Singh. I write the details below:

    -Enpass windows 10 version: | vaults runing number: 3

    -Enpass linux version: (the lasted in the ppa) | vaults runing number: 2

    -Yes, as I said before, I'm able to restore the third vault in windows 10 without any problem. I'm using this third vault in two more devices without any problem too, a second windows 10 laptop and one android 10 phone.

    -Yes, date and time is set to automatic updates in all de devices.

    -¿Where can I find " sync page"? I only see "last syncronized, a few seconds ago" but not the real date-time


    Thank you very much for your suppport.




  3. I'm using Enpass without problems on Linux (at present with Pop_Os 20.04 64 Bit, Ubuntu 20.04  based), Android 10 and Windows 10. In Linux, I'm running Enpass from apt.enpass.io with two vaults attached, one restored from G Drive and one from Dropbox without any problem.

    Now I tried to add and restore a third vault from Dropbox. When I try to restore it, after permissions be granted from Dropbox page and the redirection happens back to Enpass I only get "error restoring data" in Enpass. I tried Firefox and Chromium with same result. I tried under Windows 10 and no problem at all, the vault is restored perfectly.

    I tried too to activate logging under Enpass options without succeed, not logs

    What's wrong?



    2020-07-13 19-43-46.png

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