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  1. Hey @Vido We have received your request on our support email and reverted on the same. Thanks!
  2. Hey @Henrik_M Welcome to the forum! If I have understood you correctly, you are getting the 'wrong password' error on you macbook pro, however, you can access all Enpass data on the iOS device using the same master password to unlock the app. Let's try to troubleshoot this issue by restoring the Enpass data from your iOS device on which the master password is working fine. Take the backup of iOS data on your desktop over the WiFi. Delete Enpass thoroughly from your macbook pro. Also, delete the Enpass data folder from Documents (which is the default location in case
  3. Hey @Vido Thanks for writing in. I have highlighted this problem with my team.
  4. Hey @Pavel K Welcome to the forum! Currently, there is a function in Enpass where we can skip the domains of the particular webpages while auto-saving the details on extension. I have forwarded your request to extension team for consideration. Thanks!
  5. Hey @sirleward Welcome to the forum! For quick troubleshooting, please check if you have enabled Browser extension from the Enpass Browser setting and also Enpass app is running in the background. If the problem still persists, open the terminal and then run the following command and share result with us: lsof -i:10391 Where 10391 is the port number. Try with other port numbers in range 10391 to 10395 if there is no output. Thanks!
  6. Hey @Vido Thanks for writing in. You can refer to this link for more details about installing and enabling Enpass extension on Chromebook.
  7. Hey @Vido Thanks for showing interest in purchasing an Enpass lifetime premium license. Please reach out to us at support@enpass.io. Thanks!
  8. Hey @Vido Thanks for sharing this suggestion. We really appreciate you for exploring the app and giving time to share this valuable suggestion. The same has been noted and forwarded to the team for further consideration.
  9. Hey @Tobi Thanks for sharing the required inputs. We've been able to reproduce the issue and assigned it to the team for a fix.
  10. Hey @Fadi Thanks for the patience. I would like to share that the this issue has been fixed in the upcoming beta version (v6.6.2) and the same will be releasing soon.
  11. Hey @afunworm Thanks for writing in. The reason behind you are not able to get the preview of the item is that you have sorted the items as created time. Please try changing the sort by option from 'Created time' to 'Title' and share your feedback.
  12. Hey @Tobi Thanks for sharing the required inputs. We've been able to reproduce the issue and assigned it to the team for a fix.
  13. Hi @Tobi Apologies for the misunderstanding. To check this issue better, please share below details- On which device and OS are you having this issue? Which Enpass and Enpass extension version you using on the same device? Which browser version you using? Thanks!
  14. Hey @Ahmer Thanks for writing in. To edit the mapped web-form, click on Show Webform option given at the bottom of the particular item detail page. Also, we have noted your suggestion to add the same in our user manual and notified it to the team. Attaching a screenshot for your reference.
  15. Hey @paulsiu Just an update- The auto-fill issues with bank websites and apps has been fixed in the latest beta version of Enpass (v6.6.5). Thanks!
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