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  1. Hi folks, Two feature requests (macOS): 1) Dark mode without having to turn it on system-wide. I'd like Enpass dark, but I don't want to have to deal with dark TextEdit, dark Contacts, etc. 2) Editing templates should be done in a UI that looks like an item layout, not in a cramped Preferences window that bears almost no resemblance to what the template will create when it's used. In fact: 2.5) When creating a new template, it should be possible to select an existing Item and Save As > Template. And it should be possible to make that template a default. I don't use
  2. Hi Garima, I've found more instances likely related to this bug. I recently got a new computer, and for some reason Enpass was having trouble backing up one of my vaults. It correctly displayed a red ring around the icon of the affected vault... But when you open Vault Settings, things in this menu start going wrong, starting with all the cloud-service logos being replaced with the "no cloud sync" icon, and the red ring disappears around the affected vault: Then when I started re-establishing the sync on the misbehaving vault, every va
  3. Hi folks, FYI, the "syncing" animation on the All Vaults icon keeps spinning for a very long time after all vaults have completed their sync (screenshot attached). I'm running on Mac, but this has been an ongoing problem for quite some time, over many iterations of the beta.
  4. My Assistant is v6.6.0, originally acquired on all browsers via enpass.io > Downloads > Extensions. Is a beta? If so, where do I get that? I just checked in Enpass.app for the latest update, and it shows, not .775. I wonder why the app didn't notify me of the update? I've installed that and will reply ASAP with results, but where would I get .775 if not from within the app itself?
  5. Hi folks, For a long while now, Enpass Assistant has been unreliable at best for me: CMD+/ doesn't do anything about half the time I use it, and I end up having to click the toolbar icon to activate Enpass Assistant And it's not website-specific. I've had occasions on which I've logged into a site using Assistant, logged out, remembered something I needed to do there, and CMD+/ fails to activate when I'm logging back into the same site minutes after it worked the first time. This has also happened the other way around: CMD+/ fails on the first login, and works fine on the se
  6. b6.6.0.765 After installing Enpass Assistant on Vivaldi browser (v3.6.2165.36), when clicking Assistant for the first time and being prompted to enter the Authentication Passcode, nothing happens. It's impossible to type the passcode into Assistant. Typing does nothing. Clicking on Assistant doesn't help. Clicking in the code squares themselves doesn't help.
  7. Hi Pratyush... Did you make any changes to the keyboard input source? If by "keyboard input source" you mean did I customize the system-wide hotkey or the CMD+/ browser shortcut, the answer is no. If you mean something else, please clarify. Please check if you have installed two Enpass App versions on your system- both the website and store version. I have only one install of Enpass.app — b6.6.0.765.
  8. This problem has been going on since at least b6.5.0.701, but I was never sure if it related to the problem I previously reported about the Enpass.app window rendering transparent upon launch/relaunch. Since I have not (yet) had the transparent-window problem in, I'm reporting this bug now. Frequently (every day or two), when I bring up Enpass Assistant within a browser (my "daily driver" is Brave, but it happens in Chrome too), I get the "Enpass Assistant is unable to connect with the Enpass app") error...even when Enpass is not only running, but actually has an open session, w
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