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  1. Hi folks, Found a bug in the Edit screen tonight: As you scroll, some elements can end up overlapping. See attached screenshots, taken only seconds apart: Scroll down, fields overlapped, screenshot, scroll back up... Scroll down, fields overlap again, but differently, screenshot, scroll back up... Scroll down, fields overlap again, but differently yet again, screenshot. Mid 2010 MacBook Pro, macOS 101.3.6
  2. Hi Garima. Here's the details you're looking for: Five vaults — 3 on separate Google Drive accounts, 1 Dropbox, 1 Box. My primary vault — where the sidebar shows 22 but the list is only 12 — is one of the Google Drive accounts. None of these records have more than one password field. Each of them do have additional sensitive fields, but those are not Field Type = Password (one is Text and one in Multiline). Also, none of them have webforms. I've never used them. I don't even know where to find that feature. FYI, I created my own simplified templates and always use one of those for every new Item (it's impossible to choose my own default template, so I have Ask to Save New Logins turned off)... ...but actually, I don't even use the templates because it's faster to just have keep empty Items made from those templates at the top of the alphabet in each vault, and just duplicate them whenever I need need a new item. (CMD+D, and just start typing — that's a lot faster of having to click +, then click a category, then click a template). Screenshot below for clarification.
  3. Beta 6.4.2 (667) I was poking around in Password Audit > Identical today and have run into a handful of issues: 1) If you're in All Vaults, the sidebar shows a count of "identical" passwords, but when you click on that category to view them, it's empty — the only way to see a list of identical passwords is to choose a particular vault first. 2) The count is inaccurate — in my primary vault, the sidebar shows 22 items, but only 12 appear in the list 3) Many of the items shown as identical are not identical — some of them are similar (the first 16 characters are the same, but last several characters are customized per site)... 4) ...but those first 16 characters are the same in a several of my passwords, so if bug #3 is because the app is (for some reason) only looking at the first XX characters in order to call them "identical," why did it only find 2 "matches"? 5) Of the 12 items shown, 2 of them are grouped all by themselves — listed as matching, but there are no matches. (And just to head off at the pass anyone who might want to admonish me for using passwords that have 16 characters in common, I have lots of entropy after those 16, and I'm in the process of randomizing all my passwords, but that takes time.)
  4. +1 I just use CMD+D (Mac), but it definitely should be in the right-click menu.
  5. Replying to myself here: I found my previous mentions of this issue, and a previous response from the Enpass team: I do understand this behavior is by-design, but the Assistant really does get in the way. Maybe just change the default coordinates so the Assistant pops up to the LEFT of the browser button that calls it if the button is on the right side of the screen, and to the LEFT if the button is on the right. That way you're sure to not have the Assistant interfering with areas outside the browser.
  6. Beta 6.4.2 (667) Recently a family member (with whom I share a vault) was sent a DocuSign link to a form they needed to sign. When the got there, they were asked to confirm the last 4 digits of their Social Security number. When they entered those numbers and hit the button to proceed, the Enpass Assistant popped up right next to that field — I'm assuming in an attempt to offer to save a new login — but instead of the Add Item screen, the got the Unlock screen. (We were screensharing, and I witnessed the issue.) I'd offer steps to recreate, but of course you'd need a DocuSign document that requires the last 4 of an SSN to see the issue, so I guess this is more of an FYI. If I ever come across another site where this can be reliable recreated, I'll let you know... ...Although the chances of that are slim, because I have "ask to save new logins" turned off since it's not possible to CHOOSE which which template is used when asked to save new logins. (I have my own templates that I prefer to the default templates that come with Enpass.)
  7. Beta 6.4.2 (667) I've mentioned in previous posts that I wish the Enpass Assistant would drop-down from its icon in the browser toolbar rather than float, because it doesn't float within the browser window, but independent of it. I hadn't really given an example of why this is a problem, but below is a screenshot that demonstrates the problem clearly: Because Enpass Assistant floats outside the browser window, it a) interferes with my Dock, and b) it's hard to click the [X] to close it because if you don't mouse to just the right spot, the Dock often gets the focus of the pointer. Enpass Assistant is the only browser plug-in pop-up I've ever encountered that doesn't just drop down directly from the button that activates it. Maybe this is because the Assistant UI within a browser is the same UI as when you use the system-wide shortcut to trigger the Assistant mini-window (which I never use). But it's very annoying having my browser extension interfere with things that aren't in my browser, and vice versa.
  8. As with most password managers, if you've forgotten your master password, your out of luck. https://www.enpass.io/support/kb/master-password/i-forgot-my-master-password-how-can-i-reset-enpass/
  9. This probably isn't specific to the Beta, but I'm a Beta user, so... When printing (or PDF-ing) an Item from Enpass, all the formatting in text cells — tabs and line breaks — is ignored, and the printout becomes an unbroken, nearly unreadable wall of text. SCREEN: PRINTOUT:
  10. Enpass 6.4.1 (641) on Mac 10.13, Safari 13.1 Enpass will not fill in usernames or passphrases on any Microsoft site in Safari. All Microsoft logins go through login.live.com, and when I use the Enpass browser extension in Safari, it does recognize that I'm at login.live.com and shows me the proper Item (although it takes 10-15 seconds to do so), but when I double-click the item, nothing happens.
  11. Thanks for replying, @Anshu kumar. You're right that the Assistant in the browser does close with ESC now. Thanks for pointing that out. It doesn't always work though. I'll see if I can sense a pattern to when ESC fails to close the window, and write back once I have actionable information to pass on. I appreciate the explanation of the Assistant overlay not bing owned by the browser. When it's invoked from the browser it definitely knows it's in the browser because it recognizes the website in the foreground tab and offers to fill credentials for that site, and it's rendered just below where the extension button is placed on the browser's toolbar. Is it not possible to have that recognition extend to where the window is placed? If nothing else, please consider drawing the Assistant 100-150px to the left of where it's currently drawn when invoked from the browser That way, at least it's not overlapping the edge of the browser window if you're not browsing full-screen. You mentioned v6.2. I'm still on 6.0.6 even though I'm in the Beta program. What are the Mac system requirements for 6.1? I'm still running El Capitan (old computer, but it still works like a champ, so...)
  12. @Vikram Dabas? @Ankur Gupta? The unresponsiveness and lack of progress on these issues is making me start to regret putting my password eggs in the Enpass basket.
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