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  1. I use KeePassXC a Mac variant of KeePass (PC). It works very well for me, hosted on the Mac (iCloud) with multi-cloud and NAS backups.
  2. No need of TOTP here I'm glad to say. For software licenses etc I use a different programs / systems, so that is something I don't have to worry about. If Apple allowed third party browsers to access Keychain I'd use that instead
  3. We're still using the 'free' Bitwarden plan which suits us nicely. No need for templates here so yeah all is good. I'm hoping that Enpass will roll back some of the decisions they've made but I don't hold out much hope.
  4. I hoping do, but I think not, looks like they did little research on what we wanted before making the changes that drove me away. For us Bitwarden is working well, no issues here in detecting new entries. The 'beta' autofill works great, so very happy with the change.
  5. I gave up myself, so many problems since the new extension came out, addresses & credit cards not filling in etc which made things worse. Sad to say after many years with Enpass I've moved myself and the family over to Bitwarden. At least that works nicely with Brave (Chromium variant) browser.
  6. Well I'm sorted....... I'm using a Keyboard Maestro to macro to turn a CMD / combo into a suitable viable shortcut.
  7. It is possibly as it’s inconvenient especially if you use Safari and chromium browsers, poorly publicised by Enpass, and annoying that many years of muscle memory is broken.
  8. I’m way quicker on the keyboard and I hate pop up weblets which for me obscure the entry field. Plus a lot of my systems need various accounts which it does not work well with. As I say it may suit you but not a lot of others. This thread is for those users.
  9. Respectfully if it doesn’t bother you then don’t post in this thread it bothers a lot of us. I could live with it if we could use the same shortcut across chromium browsers and Safari.
  10. You may love it as you are mouse centric, tho use of us who hate pop ups and want to use the keyboard are not so happy.
  11. It’s still not a good idea bringing these ‘features’ to us without any prior notification. Plus for us Mac users using both chromium browsers and Safari the new shortcut you are forcing us to use needs implementing on Safari as well.
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