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  1. Well I'm sorted....... I'm using a Keyboard Maestro to macro to turn a CMD / combo into a suitable viable shortcut.
  2. It is possibly as it’s inconvenient especially if you use Safari and chromium browsers, poorly publicised by Enpass, and annoying that many years of muscle memory is broken.
  3. I’m way quicker on the keyboard and I hate pop up weblets which for me obscure the entry field. Plus a lot of my systems need various accounts which it does not work well with. As I say it may suit you but not a lot of others. This thread is for those users.
  4. Respectfully if it doesn’t bother you then don’t post in this thread it bothers a lot of us. I could live with it if we could use the same shortcut across chromium browsers and Safari.
  5. You may love it as you are mouse centric, tho use of us who hate pop ups and want to use the keyboard are not so happy.
  6. It’s still not a good idea bringing these ‘features’ to us without any prior notification. Plus for us Mac users using both chromium browsers and Safari the new shortcut you are forcing us to use needs implementing on Safari as well.
  7. Hmmm no it's Enpass using a different way of implementing the shortcut. The limitation for keyboard shortcuts seems to be in Brave, Chrome, Edge so it's the way the extension has ben changed that causes the issue. The shortcut setting was set in the extension itself now it's set in the browser.
  8. No option of that for those of us using a Chromium based browser alas. It needs fixing!
  9. Fully understood but you try setting it to '⌘ /' you'll find it is not allowed. If I press ⌘ I then get red text underneath which says 'press a letter', / is not allowed as a choice. ⌘ = command
  10. Got to agree here. Plus the new extension looks to want to fill in everything automatically (i.e puts the Enpass pop up on every login field) whether I want it to or not. For me this is a majorly poor set of improvements.
  11. Since installing the new Enpass extension on the Mac (in Brave and Edge browsers) the old familiar fill password shortcut of 'CMD /' no longer works and instead this launches the extension page. In the browser shortcuts settings you can also not set 'CMD /' as a shortcut to use. This is driving me insane. Now I have to clock on Enpass to get the password data to be filled in. Is there any way to change it to how it used to be?
  12. dbrewood

    Vivaldi and Brave

    Works fine on both, you just need to install the relevant components.
  13. With the new release of Cent Browser I'm getting Error 403; Browser requesting the data is not code signed. You can share the following diagnostics with us at support@enpass.io. : code : 3 origin : chrome-extension://kmcfomidfpdkfieipokbalgegidffkal path : C:\Users\ADMIN\AppData\Local\CentBrowser\Application\chrome.exe port : 65190 server_port : 10391 I have reported this to the Cent developers too.
  14. Worth mentioning that if you change QT_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTORS to be less than 1.0 it completely screws up the UI for VLC rendering it impossible to use. So I've now got to live with a way too large interface. This is on a HP Workstation and a 34" UW 3400 x 1440 display
  15. Guys one question for me that I feel has not been answered. In the desktop Windows client one has to work hard to ensure the vaults are NOT stored within Onedrive as being in that location stops Onedrive syncing as the files are locked all the time. If one buys the 'professional store' version can those paths be changed to avoid the problem? I know prior store applications were less featured and these options were not present?
  16. Very disappointed, my install updated but I think it used an old beta vault I'd sync'ed months ago. I was not prompted to install a vault from my v5....
  17. Agreed on the question, I use the desktop download and do NOT want to switch to the store version as last time I used it there were issues with it syncing as that version insisted that it placed the vaults (use and backup) within the Onedrive storage areas. Or are those issues fixed and I can move to the Store version?
  18. Same boat here, I'd love to see a response in this thread.
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