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  1. Thanks @Abhishek Dewan! Of course, I didn't think to look in the extension's settings in the browser. *Hangs head in embarrassment* Not sure how possible this is (given the recent change to how keyboard shortcuts work), but I'd prefer to control this from the app's preferences (just like I'd prefer to control keyboard shortcuts from the app's preferences) because now I have to separately change this setting in literally dozens of browser profiles across 5 different browsers. I realize that's probably not a problem most people will face, but even power-users who stick to one browser might have multiple profiles. Cheers!
  2. @Manish Chokwal Please let me know what suggestions you have for remedying this problem.
  3. Hi folks, How do I turn off the new autofill pop-up? It covers up important content related to entering login information on many sites, it's difficult to get rid of (ESC doesn't work), it is (sometimes?!?) full of icons that don't tell you what they do when moused over, and it's entirely unnecessary because I use keystrokes to autofill. (Frankly, one of the many reasons I chose Enpass over bigger-name password managers was that it didn't have this obnoxious "feature.") I can't find anything in Preferences for getting rid of it.
  4. "Beta Updates" is enabled. Do you want an Activity Monitor sample or a log for the search-fail problem? When might I expect to hear back?
  5. Just helped set up a new M1 MBA running macOS 12.0.1, and Enpass 6.7.4 (from the Mac App Store) is malfunctioning. Every search, no matter what, results in "No Matches Found." Vault is synced. Every item is there. Searching in "All Items." Have quit/relaunched. Have rebooted. This is not happening on my own M1 MBA, running Enpass 6.7.2 beta or after updating to 6.7.4 (951). (Side note: Why am I not getting notifications of updates in the beta?) Suggestions?
  6. In no way did I defend the change. I pointed out it wasn't a bug. I said I understood why they made the change (which is not defending the decision, just acknowledging the reason they did it), and I very much criticized their handling of the rollout (suggesting how it could have been handled better), and I criticized their tone-deaf handling of the backlash (in the very next post after your criticism of the same). What I didn't do was make any personal attacks by saying things like "I couldn't possibly give less of a shit," and "wacko leftist crap," and "are you 5?" — none of which have anything to address the actual problem at hand. For the sake everyone else here — and the actual subject of this thread — I'm done with this conversation.
  7. My point about that phrase was that saying "it's not a bug, it's a feature" sincerely indicates that a) the developers aren't understanding the problem, b) the developers aren't taking users' concerns seriously, and c) the developers are apparently unaware of the history of that phrase and how dismissive it reads. But the bigger problem remains that the developers didn't bother to explain this change at all. They apparently just expected users to discover their keyboard shortcuts don't work anymore, and then expected users to find their way to the shortcut settings, then set up their own new shortcuts. (Perhaps an easy matter for developers and techies, but not for the average Joe Websurfer.) It would have been a simple matter — and 1000% more user-friendly — to include a sentence on the "Enpass browser extension has been updated" tab that reads, "To make Enpass more compatible with the way most browsers handle keyboard shortcuts, users need to create their own new keyboard shortcuts for displaying Enpass and autofilling account information for this updated Enpass extension. Click here to create your Enpass shortcuts." With the "click" sentence linking to the browser's settings/shortcuts page. The fact that Enpass did not do this has led to all this confusion, and the assumption by users that this "feature" is a bug. How Enpass couldn't not have seen this coming is hard to imagine. What did they think would happen when, without explanation, an update broke a common keyboard shortcut?
  8. Or, you know, leave your political vitriol off a forum for a password management application.
  9. If Enpass understands this, why was it not explained to users when the change was made? Why are users left to discover this on their own when their muscle-memory keyboard shortcut no longer works? And it can't be a "better autofill experience" if it doesn't work the same across all browsers. The improvement I'd prefer to see is for the autofill to work more reliably. At least 1/3 of the time, it doesn't work at all, even on sites it did work on moments before.
  10. I assume you're not aware that this exact wording is considered to be the most disrespectful dismissal of user concern. It's so tone-deaf, it's literally a meme.
  11. This isn't a bug, though. As mentioned above, by allowing users to choose their own keyboard shortcuts (which I very much appreciate), Enpass can no longer have CMD+/ as an option — at least in Chromium-based browsers, where it's not possible to use CMD+/ as the keystroke for any extension. As Mac users (I'm assuming), we've been forced to adapt to CMD+CTRL+A for aliases after decades of CMD+L, and we're getting used to SPACE replacing CMD+DEL for "Revert Changes," which in turn replaced the infinitely more user-friendly, self-explanatory CMD+D for "Don't Save," that worked perfectly well for over 35 years. At least with this change, we can choose our own keystrokes to replace the one we've been used to. To me, anyway, the problem here isn't the keyboard shortcut change, it's the fact that this change (among others) was not even mentioned in the information about this update to the extension. Being this clumsy with the roll-out a major change to functionality like this is a great way to lose customers.
  12. It's always driven me crazy that it wasn't possible to set your own shortcut, but now that I'm used to ⌘+/, the fact that I now can set my own, but I can't set it to the keystroke I want is worse than before. Ultimately, I can get used to a new keyboard shortcut, and Enpass is hardly the first software developer to change key shorties that are so engrained they've become muscle-memory for users. In recent years, Apple has changed the shortcut for creating an alias, and Microsoft has changed several shortcuts in Office products, and in some cases flat-out removed keyboard shortcuts. But this rollout was very poorly handled. It's bad enough that a tab announcing the update was spontaneously and confusingly generated and foregrounded, even if you're in the middle of, say, watching a YouTube video (happened to me today), but it's worse that this spontaneous tab is sorely lacking in the kind of information users actually need for an update like this: 1) The animation shows Enpass being integrated into user/pass fields, implying that's the major change to the new extension, but that's not the default behavior — or at least, I'm not seeing that on any of my browsers (which is just fine with me because I hate extensions that alter page content). 2) The "Set Enpass as default password manager" checkbox has no explanation, and no instructions for setting it later if the user choses to not set it in that spontaneous Enpass tab (I, for one, can't figure that out). Is this what turns on the Enpass icon in the user/pass fields? If so, why is this not explained in any way? 3) The fact that the keyboard shortcut has changed is not mentioned at all, leading many people (the vast majority of whom aren't part of this forum) to lose functionality and not know how to get it back. 4) The fact that users can now set their own keyboard shortcut is not mentioned either. 5) Nor is it mentioned that users cannot set choose as their keyboard shortcut the same shortcut they've grown used to. Nor is it explained why that's the case. 6) It's not explained at all that Activate the Extension and Autofill are now separate keyboard shortcuts (which, BTW, makes Enpass a lot less convenient, but hopefully it will also fix the frequent problem of Autofill just not working at all). 7) It's also not explained that there suddenly is no default keystroke for Autofill, meaning if you're like me, you have to go set your own keystroke in dozens of browser profiles and browsers if you want Autofill to work. NONE of this information was provided to users. I'm friends-and-family tech support for lots of older users, many of whom have a tenuous understanding of computers in general, but I've gotten them all to use Enpass for their passwords. I've been fielding endless questions in the last couple days because of how badly botched this roll-out has been. If even I'm confused — a UI/UX/QA professional — you've done something wrong. Even worse, I've just discovered that while the extension has been updated to remove ⌘+/ as the default activation keystroke, the Enpass app's own Preferences still say this is the default keystroke: And I keep editing this post as I find further problems and confusion: • In Safari, Enpass still defaults to ⌘+/ for both Autofill and activating the extension, so now users have to memorize different keystrokes for a) activate/autofill in Safari, plus b) activate in other browsers, and c) autofill in other browsers — this is also not explained in the spontaneous extension-update tab.
  13. Yep. Certainly there's a problem to be resolved, but if the problem was that "enpasssucks," there wouldn't be only one person reporting the problem. And these forums aren't the only way to contact Enpass: https://www.enpass.io/contact-us/. (Maybe that's what OP means by " I've tried to message support," but I've never had any trouble getting help via the email addy on that page (granted it's been a long time since I've had a problem to report). I hope OP is able to get some help.
  14. Hi folks, Two feature requests (macOS): 1) Dark mode without having to turn it on system-wide. I'd like Enpass dark, but I don't want to have to deal with dark TextEdit, dark Contacts, etc. 2) Editing templates should be done in a UI that looks like an item layout, not in a cramped Preferences window that bears almost no resemblance to what the template will create when it's used. In fact: 2.5) When creating a new template, it should be possible to select an existing Item and Save As > Template. And it should be possible to make that template a default. I don't use Enpass templates because it's way too much work. Instead I have an Item I call (Template) — the parentheses keep it at the top — in which I've created and customized all the fields I use, and removed all those I don't. When I need to create a new item, I just select that item and CMD+D to duplicate it. It's a one-step process, unlike using the build-in templates, which requires several steps. Cheers.
  15. Hi Garima, I've found more instances likely related to this bug. I recently got a new computer, and for some reason Enpass was having trouble backing up one of my vaults. It correctly displayed a red ring around the icon of the affected vault... But when you open Vault Settings, things in this menu start going wrong, starting with all the cloud-service logos being replaced with the "no cloud sync" icon, and the red ring disappears around the affected vault: Then when I started re-establishing the sync on the misbehaving vault, every vault in the menu showed the green "progress" animation, and every vault displayed a Google Drive icon: Then after getting reconnected to the cloud service on that misbehaving vault, every vault went back to showing the "no cloud" icon: Closing and reopening the Vaults Menu made the icons return to the appropriate could service icons for each vault.
  16. Hi folks, FYI, the "syncing" animation on the All Vaults icon keeps spinning for a very long time after all vaults have completed their sync (screenshot attached). I'm running on Mac, but this has been an ongoing problem for quite some time, over many iterations of the beta.
  17. My Assistant is v6.6.0, originally acquired on all browsers via enpass.io > Downloads > Extensions. Is a beta? If so, where do I get that? I just checked in Enpass.app for the latest update, and it shows, not .775. I wonder why the app didn't notify me of the update? I've installed that and will reply ASAP with results, but where would I get .775 if not from within the app itself?
  18. Hi folks, For a long while now, Enpass Assistant has been unreliable at best for me: CMD+/ doesn't do anything about half the time I use it, and I end up having to click the toolbar icon to activate Enpass Assistant And it's not website-specific. I've had occasions on which I've logged into a site using Assistant, logged out, remembered something I needed to do there, and CMD+/ fails to activate when I'm logging back into the same site minutes after it worked the first time. This has also happened the other way around: CMD+/ fails on the first login, and works fine on the second. Assistant never takes less than 10-15 seconds to unlock with my password, often takes 30+, and about 20% of the time takes 60+ seconds to unlock This is frequently accompanied by the process-hanging "beachball" indicator Sometimes it's impossible to get a cursor in the Assistant's search field Sometimes Enpass Assistant can't find Enpass, even when it's running with the Main Window open These problems occur across several browsers (Brave and Chrome are the ones I use most, but also Safari). These problems can sometimes be resolved by quitting Enpass.app and relaunching it... But the CMD+/ and delayed-unlock problems occur multiple times every single day, even if I restart the app a few times, and are not new to b6.6.0 (765). The latter two problems are far more rare, maybe every month or two, and I'm not sure if they occurred before 6.6.0 (765). I'm sending Activity Monitor samples to support@ and will reference this thread. I'm on MacOS 10.13.6 on a MacBook Pro 2010.
  19. b6.6.0.765 After installing Enpass Assistant on Vivaldi browser (v3.6.2165.36), when clicking Assistant for the first time and being prompted to enter the Authentication Passcode, nothing happens. It's impossible to type the passcode into Assistant. Typing does nothing. Clicking on Assistant doesn't help. Clicking in the code squares themselves doesn't help.
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