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  1. This probably isn't specific to the Beta, but I'm a Beta user, so... When printing (or PDF-ing) an Item from Enpass, all the formatting in text cells — tabs and line breaks — is ignored, and the printout becomes an unbroken, nearly unreadable wall of text. SCREEN: PRINTOUT:
  2. Enpass 6.4.1 (641) on Mac 10.13, Safari 13.1 Enpass will not fill in usernames or passphrases on any Microsoft site in Safari. All Microsoft logins go through login.live.com, and when I use the Enpass browser extension in Safari, it does recognize that I'm at login.live.com and shows me the proper Item (although it takes 10-15 seconds to do so), but when I double-click the item, nothing happens.
  3. Thanks for replying, @Anshu kumar. You're right that the Assistant in the browser does close with ESC now. Thanks for pointing that out. It doesn't always work though. I'll see if I can sense a pattern to when ESC fails to close the window, and write back once I have actionable information to pass on. I appreciate the explanation of the Assistant overlay not bing owned by the browser. When it's invoked from the browser it definitely knows it's in the browser because it recognizes the website in the foreground tab and offers to fill credentials for that site, and it's rendered just below where the extension button is placed on the browser's toolbar. Is it not possible to have that recognition extend to where the window is placed? If nothing else, please consider drawing the Assistant 100-150px to the left of where it's currently drawn when invoked from the browser That way, at least it's not overlapping the edge of the browser window if you're not browsing full-screen. You mentioned v6.2. I'm still on 6.0.6 even though I'm in the Beta program. What are the Mac system requirements for 6.1? I'm still running El Capitan (old computer, but it still works like a champ, so...)
  4. @Vikram Dabas? @Ankur Gupta? The unresponsiveness and lack of progress on these issues is making me start to regret putting my password eggs in the Enpass basket.
  5. Ditto. Following the link to Chrome download link from https://www.enpass.io/downloads/ doesn't work either (points to the same URL as mentioned above). @Vikram Dabas@Ankur Gupta, please chime in and let us know what's going on, and how long you expect it will be before we can once again download Enpass Assistant for Chrome.
  6. It's time to talk about features Enpass is still missing and bugs that have yet to be fixed, 6+ months after they were reported or promised. Favicons — Enpass can’t be a major player in the password management market, and can't be truly user-friendly, until it fetches the logos of sites and services on its own. Even bare-bones password managers like Bitwarden have this knocked. What's the delay? I spend exponentially more time putting icons on my Items than I do entering the account details. It's bad enough that Enpass doesn't fetch icons, but it's far, far worse that if you add your own, they have to be exactly 200x200 to display correctly but Enpass doesn't bother telling users this is the case! At the very, very, very, very least, it is incumbent upon the Enpass team to tell users this limitation. But frankly, I don't understand what's preventing the app from fetching favicons/logos when literally all its competitors do this. Browser Extension (Enpass Assistant) pop-up doesn't stay inside the browser window — The Enpass Assistant is not just the only password app with this bug, it's literally the only browser extension of any kind with this bug. Browser extension overlays should render inside the borders of the browser window. (See attached screenshots) Enpass Assistant browser extension pop-up doesn't close from hitting ESC — The Menu Bar pop-up does, so this is probably just an oversight, but it should have been fixed long ago. Again, every other browser extension of any kind that has a pop-up, that pop-up can be closed by hitting ESC. It's standard. Allow users to set their own default template, and have that default be the one that gets used for "Ask to Save New Logins" in the browser — There's not much point in letting users create their own templates if they can't also set those templates as a default, and have that default used when saving new logins from your browser. I've made my own template, but there are so many steps involved in using it, that I've had to create my own system (I have the template as an empty Item, which I duplicate when I'm creating a new one, because that's a 1-step process, instead of the 3-4-step process of digging up my template when hitting "New"). But much worse is the fact that it's impossible to make your own template the default when Enpass offers to save an Item in your browser. I've been forced to turn off that feature because the Items created that way aren't in my chosen template. Auto-fill when adding a tag — This is standard behavior for all software, and it's common sense — why isn’t being done? Why do I have to type then entire word every time I add a tag? Worse, it's impossible to scroll the sidebar when entering a new item (because Edit happen in an overlay instead of a child window), so you can't even see all your current tags to make sure you're typing the right name. If I can't remember if my tag is called "Shop" or "Shopping," I just have to guess, and if I'm wrong, I've created a new tag by accident, then I have to go back and fix it. Not offering to auto-fill on tags (when I type "Sho," Enpass should start filling in "Shopping") makes Enpass feel like 1990s software. Sharing vaults as read-only — Enpass can never be a family password manager until parents can have read-write privileges and restrict their kids to read-only privileges. Having separate passwords for each vault (as an option) — Unlike the bullet points above, which should have been in place before Enpass ever came out of beta, I can be patient for this one. But it is important. The extra layer of protection is needed if Enpass is ever going to be a viable password manager for businesses. If workers can access their work credentials with the same (potentially awful) password as their personal credentials, that puts companies at risk. I will continue to use Enpass for the time being, but the fact that these issues still haven't been addressed, even though they were almost all brought up over a year ago, has me always trying out alternatives because I get the impression — from inaction despite multiple reminders — that the Enpass team isn't interested in fixing these problems.
  7. You're 100% right. I hadn't noticed because I hardly ever use the mobile app. That's definitely a bug. Enpass team probably realizes this, but calling @Vikram Dabas to the thread nonetheless. EDIT: I see @Anshu kumar is already here. Didn't realize that.
  8. I can see how unlocking each vault separately might be appealing to some, but while it's technically more secure, practically speaking if you've unlocked Enpass, you've proven you're you, so why not have access to everything? Having said that, I agree it should be a choice.
  9. I can't find a way to to this on mobile, but on the desktop app, you right-click on the icon you want to remove.
  10. I'm with you on the extra steps here. I've created my own work-around until the Enpass team realizes they need to streamline this process. I created an Item in Enpass that I've labeled "(Basic)" — the parentheses keep it "alphabetized" at the top — that is built on my own pared-down template. Whenever I'm creating a new Item, I just duplicate "(Basic)" and start filling it in, instead of jumping through all the "who cares!" steps. Of course, I'd much prefer that Enpass allow users to choose their own default template so I could turn back on "Ask to Save New Logins" in the browser extension.
  11. The Enpass Assistant doesn't do a very good job of asking about saving credentials when you sign into a new site (about half the time it doesn't even ask), and the user is given no choice as to which template is used when this happens. I've been forced to turn off this feature because it works so poorly, and it won't let me choose my template. I'm requesting that Enpass allow the user to chose which template is their default, and that the process for creating a new Item, whether through the app or the Assistant, start with that template, not with the multi-step process of choosing a template. For example, in the app, clicking the [+] should immediately bring up the user's chosen default template. Then there should be a "choose different template" button. This way, you only have to go through the choose Vault > choose Template Type > choose Template process on the rare occasion that you don't want to use your default. I've had to create my own workaround because the software's process is such a hassle: I've created an Item that is my template, and named it "(Template)" so the parentheses put it at the top of the items list when sorted by title. Then when I need to create a new item, I select my (Template), CMD+D to duplicate it, then edit the duplicate. This saves many steps that wouldn't be necessary if users could choose their own default, and have it come up every time you start a new Item.
  12. This is the only problem I'm having with tags. There's just no excuse for not having auto-complete on tags. Enpass 6 should never have come out of beta without this standard, basic, obvious feature. And the fact that it's been months since this was pointed out and it's still not fixed is one of the reasons that while I'm using Enpass (because I don't like any other password services), I cannot recommend it to anyone. Too many basic features (this, favicons, several others) are not only missing, but many of them have gone unaddressed by the developers in these forums.
  13. I share a couple vaults with people. Here's what you do: 1) On their computer: Enpass > Settings > Vaults, and click the [+] button to add a new vault, and give it a name 2) On the next screen, choose Restore from Cloud, and click Google Drive — this will launch a browser window 3) In the browser window, login to the Google Drive account that houses the vault you want to share You should be able to figure it out from there (I don't remember the rest of the steps, but they're pretty self-explanatory) Just be sure to log back OUT of your Google Drive account on your colleague's browsers after the vaults have synced, so they don't have access to the rest of your Google Drive.
  14. I second this feature. I manage vaults for several family members. It would be nice to be able to share some Items as read-write and others as read-only. Short of being able to do this item-by-item, perhaps read-only access on a vault level?
  15. Thanks @Vikram Dabas. That's actually a pretty funny bug! Cheers.
  16. @Vikram Dabas, what's happened to the ability to rearrange fields in EDIT mode. This is HUGELY important. Example: I'm adding a Card Number, CVC and Expiry to a bank account item. I added the Card Number field, then added a CVC field, which now appears above the Card Number field and there's no way for me to move it below the Card Number field. This is a BIG BAD BUG.
  17. I'm not clear on what this feature does — and the wording in Settings > General isn't clear either (what does "docked" mean?). Are you saying that once you click the Enpass button in a browser toolbar, the Enpass Assistant overlay will continue to show until the user deactivates it by clicking the [X]? That seems to be the case, and it's a great option to have. But... The wording isn't clear at all. I suggest wording like Show Enpass Assistant window until closed by the user — Enpass pop-up window in browsers won't disappear when you click on something else Shift+CMD+D has no effect on the Enpass Assistant overlay as far as I can tell. I have no idea what "dock it" means, but this key combo certainly doesn't make it go away. (The "dock" is something very specific on a Mac, so maybe choose clearer wording.) The only way to find out about Shift+CMD+D is from this release information. It should be included in the description in Settings > General, along with a clear description of what it does. The Enpass Assistant overlay mostly covers up the button that activates it. This is not normal behavior (see screenies below), and the button should be one of the methods by which the Assistant can be closed. (Also note that the Assistant "colors outside the lines" of the browser window, hanging over the edge of the window instead of staying within the browser.) Fantastic! But you didn't explain how it works. (I did figured out it's a right-click.) YAY!!! YAY!!! Haven't tried this yet, but YAY!!! — When will this be released to production? The people with whom I'm sharing vaults are all on the Mac App Store version. Very happy to see some of these little bugaboos getting addressed!
  18. If what you're asking is "why aren't the bug fixes being rolled out to the production version?," the answer is very likely that the whole purpose of a beta is to test fixes and changes before they're released in production. Being part of the beta program means we see these changes before they're "released to the public." The Apple App Store, for example, is on v6.0.5. The newest beta release is 6.0.6. Once the Enpass team gets some feedback on 6.0.6 that doesn't show any new problems from the changes, 6.0.6 will be released wide. If that's not what you're asking, please clarify. I'm sorry to say your post is a pretty confusing read.
  19. Confirmed on Enpass 6.0.4 (329). It looks like the problem may be that Settings > General > Hide dock icon when the main window is closed isn't working properly. I just turned OFF the Menu Bar icon and turned ON the persistent Dock icon, but when I close the Enpass window, the Dock icon goes away anyway, and Enpass is no longer running in the background. In short, if you don't have the persistent Menu Bar icon, closing the window is the same as quitting the app. This is definitely a bug.
  20. FYI, I'm unable to reproduce on... Enpass 6.0.4. (329) — I'm in the beta channel Safari 11.1.2 MacOS 10.11.6
  21. I'm in the process of editing several Items with a uniform change. As such, I'm doing a lot of open Item > make change > Save. After I've done this a handful of times, I run into a bug, which is that upon hitting Save (or using CMD+S), the column showing all my items spontaneously jumps to the either near the very top (I'm sorted alphabetically so it jumps way up into the A section), or near the very bottom (a few Items from the last Z). Either way, I must scroll to find (again) the item I just finished editing. STEPS TO REPRODUCE Start editing a bunch of Items one after another Eventually (after 5-6 or so) when you click Save (or CMD+S), the Items column will jump to the top or bottom Enpass 6.0.4 (329) on Mid-2009 MacBook Pro, running 10.11.6.
  22. Hi Vikram, While the nested tags are an improvement... a) they're not user-friendly (users have to learn the use-a-colon trick from somewhere) b) the bigger issue (to me anyway, but I get the impression it's big for everyone) is that when adding tags to an Item, there's no auto-complete As I've mentioned previously, if you have a tag called "Utilities" you have to type the whole thing every time. And because you can't scroll through the sidebar (categories, tags, etc.) when in edit mode, it's impossible to see the names of your exiting tags while trying to type them in. So it's really easy to accidentally end up with multiple tags that were meant to be the same thing: "Utilities" and "Utility" (because you didn't remember your original tag was plural, not singular) and "Utlities"(because you made a typo). This is only compounded by the nested tags "improvement": Did I call that nested tag "Utilities:Power" or "Utilities:Electric"? Without being able to scroll the sidebar — and more importantly, without auto-complete options — the only thing one can do is save the Item, then drag it to the correct tag in the sidebar, which is an extra step that shouldn't be necessary. On top of that, there are two more problems that compound the issue: 1) It's not possible to drag any item that isn't active (highlighted in blue), so there's an extra click involved (not a big deal, but I know this isn't normal behavior because I've never had this problem in any other app) 2) When you do drag the Item to the sidebar, it's not being put in the Tag that you're pointing to with your cursor, but rather the one below it: Of these problems — all of which need fixing, and most of which I feel shouldn't have made it out of beta — in my view the auto-complete is the most important (and unfortunately probably the most work for your team). If I'm adding a tag and type "Uti" and Enpass offers the auto-complete option "Utilities" because that tag already exists — that's saves a lot of hassle. But as I say, all of these are important, and many of them are due to the fact that the UI has been redesigned to work across a bunch of platforms, instead of having a Mac-like app for the Mac, an Android-like app for Android, etc. In Enpass 5 (for Mac anyway), editing an Item took place in a child window, and it was possible to scroll the sidebar in the parent window behind it. But in the new design, opening Edit makes it impossible to do anything else in the app. It's not even possible to open the preferences when in Edit mode. Having been part of UI/UX teams, I definitely understand the instinct to try to make one UI that works everywhere. It's a tremendous time-saver and makes both the design and QA processes much easier. But when it makes the app user-unfriendly, you end up shooting yourself in the foot. I'm a big proponent of Enpass, which is why I'm so active in these forums, and why you'll see me both criticizing and defending. But I don't recommend Enpass to anyone else at this point because compound issues like this make it difficult to use — and I run into issues like this every day.
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