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  1. Hey David, Indeed, you are correct. Enpass Hub is exclusive to our enterprise clients. Enpass Admin Console and Enpass Hub are two different concepts. Let me list out a few points to give you a clearer picture, and for more information, you can always reach out to your dedicated account manager: 1. Enpass Admin Console is basically a license management platform available to all Enpass Business users, irrespective of the plan they own. 2. Enpass Hub is an additional feature exclusive to enterprise clients. 3. If an enterprise client needs to add Enpass Hub, they simply need to inform their dedicated account manager. 4. Under Enpass Hub, we have some robust features, such as Master Password Re-set/Recovery, Sharing a vault without Vault Password, an elaborate Security Audit Dashboard. Hope this information was helpful. For more details, please visit: https://www.enpass.io/enpass-hub/
  2. Hey David, There are a few reasons why the Enpass extension authentication might be encountering issues. These include Chrome not being updated to its latest version, the Enpass application not running in the background, failure to clear the browser's cache and cookies, and potential interference from antivirus/firewall/VPN settings (try disabling them to see if the issue persists). Additionally, please check for any ad blockers/pop-up blockers extensions already installed on the Chrome browser. If these steps don't resolve the issue, please do visit your mail inbox, I have shared a PDF doc for quick fix.
  3. Greetings everyone, We regret to inform you that we were unable to replicate the issue that was reported in this forum. After analysing the provided logs, Enpass developers have determined that this error occurs infrequently, but has a significant impact on a few users' auto-fill functionality. The root cause of the issue is a signature mismatch between the app autofill and the main app, which is a low-level permission error that should not occur. It is important to note that Apple is the appropriate entity to report this issue and handle it accordingly. Currently, the only known workaround to resolve the issue is to reinstall the app and restart the process. Once again, Enpass would like to thank you for all your support and patience over the above concern.
  4. @spinedoc777 @Discordant Thank you for taking the time to write this post and for being part of the Enpass Password manager family. Furthermore, an Enpass vault is a SQLCipher database, which is a 100% encrypted blob. It includes all sensitive information and the metadata. Please refer this link for more information.
  5. Hey @Hassel Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused to you. If you need assistance with this, I recommend you contact FastSpring Support as soon as possible. In addition, I would like to inform you that when contacting them, do share the above screenshot.
  6. Hi @all A fix has just been released under the new Linux Enpass v6.8.5. Please do share your feedback.
  7. Hey @Warner701 Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience. In response to this forum feedback, I'll inform the relevant team to look into this and analyze why it hasn't been addressed. Yes, there might be a glitch where the Enpass Support Team hasn't received the ticket. Having said that, let me connect with you via DM. I'd appreciate it if you could review my message and reply so that I can check the details and proceed.
  8. @LM77 Thank you for your question. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that on every 'Identified Vulnerabilities' found in the Audit report, a note is provided by the team (like what actions have been taken by Enpass developers to rectify it). E.g., if you look at the 'Enpass Windows App and Admin console for Business', Page-08:
  9. Hello all, I am excited to share that recently Enpass has been audited for security of the Windows App. The complete audit report is available here on our website. Soon we’ll be starting the process for rest of the platforms. Thanks for your patience.
  10. Hey @All Enpass understands your concerns about using Rossetta for Enpass on the macOS platform, and the wait for a Native support. We want to inform our users that Enpass with Native support has now been rolled out for both macOS Store & Website (v6.8.2). Please take a look, and provide feedback. Cheers!
  11. Hello @Ivarson We understand where you are coming from and your concern. Over the last few years, we have received various requests from our users for a Business version of Enpass(to improve the overall security posture of their business), its availability, and our upcoming plans regarding the same. As a result of these requests and suggestions/feedbacks from our B2C customers, working in various organizations, Enpass was able to develop a business version. Hence, for a lot of our existing B2C users, the Business version was long overdue. Therefore, we saw it befitting to announce to our user community that the Enpass Business is out and they can spread the word among their organization. Furthermore, we only plan to send out “Enpass-related news or security-related news” through our app. However, having said that, the last thing we want our users to feel is that Enpass is being intrusive. Although we do plan to reach out to users through email, we felt that we would be able to cater a larger audience via our app notifications. Enpass apologizes for the inconvenience once again and will do its best to ensure that its customers have the best experience a password manager can offer, including reviewing our policies on using notifications inside the app.
  12. While we understand your concern @dahliamma, Enpass would like to assure all that our developers are working on it and the launch of Enpass native macOS app is getting delayed due to extensive migration(as mentioned above). However, we would again confirm that Enpass will be available for macOS natively very shortly. Looking forward to your support and patience.
  13. Hey @MaxM Thanks for letting us know about this. Our developers are constantly keeping a tab over this issue and have informed me to request the user to try the new Enpass beta Version 6.8.0 (1049). Click here to download it and let me know if the issue persists.
  14. Hey @ThomasW Thank you for contacting us, and welcome to our Forum Community! Enpass is excited that you have shown interest in our service. I have raised your inquiry with our Enpass Global Marketing Team, and they will contact you shortly to learn about your needs and feasibility. We again thank you for choosing Enpass!!
  15. Hi Enpass beta subscribers, We are pleased to announce that a beta release for the next version of Enpass, 6.8.0, is now available. The new version includes many exciting features on the macOS app and various bug fixes. We ask our beta users to test and provide their feedback. The list of changes is long enough to keep you busy for a while. As part of this announcement, we are also excited to let our beta users know that Enpass is releasing its first-ever beta through TestFlight. We encourage and welcome testers to join our beta program by clicking here. What to test: Automatic Compromised Password Check: Compromise Password checker can now run automatically whenever a new item is added, or an existing item is updated to ensure there is no breached data on your vaults. Just head over to Advanced Settings and enable the check box. Frequently Used Suggestions: Enpass now gives suggestions of the most-used Usernames, email, and Phone numbers stored in the selected vault while creating a new item. Fill from password history: Users will now be able to fill in passwords from their password history on the Edit page. Reveal password: Users can now reveal an item’s password by pressing the option keys on the keyboard. CapsLock Indicator: Notifies users when CapsLock is active while entering Master Password. Merge Backup vault to any Existing vault: Users can now merge data from a backup vault to any existing vault. Just Select Import > Enpass > Backup file> Select the backup file from your machine> Select the Vault you want to merge in> Enter the master password of the backup vault. Increased limit Password limit: While generating a password, users will now get an increased limit of up to 100 characters. Show More: We have returned the 'Show More' button to the Enpass assistant, hoping all your concerns with the 'Match URL hostname' functionality are now resolved. Custom period for TOTP: Enpass now support generating one-time code with custom period. By default, the period will be 30 seconds unless specified by the TOTP URI. Clipboard: We have updated pasteboard flags while copying data from Enpass. Un-synced changes Alert!: Enpass now shows a warning message when attempting to remove a vault that has un-synced changes. FIXES: Fixed an issue where Enpass marked TOTP as invalid if the TOTP had '\n' in the secret key Fixed an issue where extra spaces were being added before the parentheses(while adding/editing any text in any field) Fixed an issue where the passwords were getting truncated/cutoff/incomplete on printing the item if the escaped characters ('<' and '=') Fixed an issue where the item list is fetched multiple times, unlocking the assistant. Fixed an issue where Emojis under items is displayed as a set of horizontal lines. Fixed an issue where the text was getting truncated in the Korean language. Fixed an issue where a few users could not launch URL/website with Unicode characters from the Enpass items detail page. Fixed an issue where users were getting "nothing to import" while importing from Bitwarden (because of a change in Folder keys). Fixed an issue where a few of you could not print items from Enpass. Fixed subtitles for identity item with First Name +Last Name (subtitle of any old identity item will be changed on app update) Fixed an issue where the spaces after commas were not displayed. Getting beta versions: macOS – Store version: To test & experience the Enpass macOS Beta version, we encourage and invite users to please join our beta program by clicking here (Note: Beta version to be tested on Monterey) macOS – Website version: Download and install the beta from here. Bug reporting For any bugs or feedback, please drop your message here on forums or email us on support@enpass.io We look forward to your feedback for this beta release of Enpass. Cheers!!
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