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  1. Hey @Ottomatic Thanks for bringing this up. All mentioned information is related to 'Registration of User Purchase' with Enpass server so that the subscription purchased from iTunes store can be used across all your devices. Your email is the primary identifier to which a purchase will be bind. However it may be different than your Apple ID. Both name and user ID collection does not apply for all users. Below are the situations where they are collected : Name : Only applicable if a user sign-in with Apple/Google ID instead of providing an email address manually & user has opted-in to provide us the same. User ID : Your iTunes purchase receipt or Sign-in with Apple data contains an identifier for user that is unique for you (it is not your Apple ID). If you have not purchased a subscription from a Apple device and did not use 'Sign-in with Apple', Enpass will not receive this data/information. Hope I have tried helping you in clearing your concerns over Enpass Data Privacy. Cheers!!!
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