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  1. Hi Enpass Users To make sure you are updated with our developments, we would like to inform you that our Windows signing certificate is expiring on 28 Nov 2021. From version 6.7.4 onwards all releases will be signed by a new certificate. Because of this new signing certificate, you might see a Windows SmartScreen warning after downloading & running the installer. Microsoft has reverted us that it is due to new versions, low download and install count initially. Request you to take affirmative actions while seeing the following warning popups. For more information and required steps, please refer the FAQ If you still face any concern or have any question, please reach us here or on support@enpass.io Cheers!! Note: It is a temporary warning and will not appear in the future when downloads reach a certain number.
  2. Hi Enpass beta subscribers, We are working on introducing updates on browser extensions to make your autofill experience really amazing with Enpass. To support those upcoming extensions, we have made some changes in the desktop apps, and this beta is all about running a final compatibility check between this new desktop build and existing extensions. What to test: Keep using your existing browser extensions with this new build and they should work exactly as they used to. We have also changed the code-signing certificate for executables because the current one is expiring this month. So if you get a warning message from antivirus or a Windows smart screen warning, it is due to the new code-signing certificate. Please allow the executable to run, and you should be good to go! Fixes: Fixed an issue where a few of you were getting a message —This version of Enpass is out of date— on launching the Enpass app. Fixed an issue where some of the items were not imported from 1Password. The import process was breaking on importing items with large notes in items. Fixed an issue where Enpass was updating the password of another item with the same username. Getting beta versions: Windows – Store version (via Package Flight): Our beta subscribers can install the latest beta updates from the Windows Store. Windows – Website version (.exe setup): Download and install the beta from here. Bug reporting For any bugs or feedback, please drop your message here on forums or email us on support@enpass.io Cheers!
  3. Hey @Ottomatic Thanks for bringing this up. All mentioned information is related to 'Registration of User Purchase' with Enpass server so that the subscription purchased from iTunes store can be used across all your devices. Your email is the primary identifier to which a purchase will be bind. However it may be different than your Apple ID. Both name and user ID collection does not apply for all users. Below are the situations where they are collected : Name : Only applicable if a user sign-in with Apple/Google ID instead of providing an email address manually & user has opted-in to provide us the same. User ID : Your iTunes purchase receipt or Sign-in with Apple data contains an identifier for user that is unique for you (it is not your Apple ID). If you have not purchased a subscription from a Apple device and did not use 'Sign-in with Apple', Enpass will not receive this data/information. Hope I have tried helping you in clearing your concerns over Enpass Data Privacy. Cheers!!!
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