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  1. We completely understand the inconvenience this has caused and would like to thank you all for raising this concern. Enpass always strives to be vigilant and assist users in such matters. Indeed, @AnakinCaesar, you are correct that Enpass support was not available due to the long weekend. Having said that, I have already discussed the issue with the Enpass support team and will see if more spam filters can be implemented to stop these bogus spam posts. We thank you again for your efforts in making the Enpass Forum spam-free.
  2. Please attempt the steps below and inform me if this resolves the issue: 1. Uninstall the browser and reinstall it from the official website 2. Open the Enpass Main App>Go to Settings>Select Browser 3. Under Browser Authentication>Uncheck 'Authorize Browsers With Verified Code Signatures Only'
  3. Hey all, As updated, the issue has been successfully reproduced at our end, and we are still working on a fix, in the upcoming builds. As of now, no ETA has been provided. We appreciate your patience in the meantime.
  4. As per the latest status of the ticket and on consulting with the backend team, I would like to inform you that we have processed the refund request. It should reflect in the original source of payment within 3-5 working days. If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please feel free to contact us. I'm here to help!
  5. As I raised this with the Enpass technical team, I would like to inform you that we have reproduced this as a bug and have logged a ticket to fix this in the upcoming build. As of now, no ETA has been provided to me, but I will keep track of this issue.
  6. Sure, let me ask the team to have a look at this. #SI-3636
  7. I got an update from the Enpass technical team, and I would like to share the below steps: If Enpass shows the crash dialog box "Enpass Crash Reporter" and gives an option to submit the crash report, that is fine. But if not, then the crash report can be found in the system. Here are the steps to locate the crash report: 1. Open Console app. 2. Select 'Crash Reports' from the left sidebar. 3. Check for reports generated by the Enpass app. 4. Select the crash report, right-click, and choose "Reveal in Finder." 5. You will see the .ips file. Please share that file with us. Note: This request is for all the reporting users to please try this on an Enpass macOS Store version like - 6.9.3 (1592).
  8. Actually, this seems to be the first installation of the app interface, and it should technically give you two options: Personal and Business to select. May I know the OS and device model details? Also, was this application installed via Android Play Store? Please confirm.
  9. Let me look into this. Can you tell me the below details: - Enpass and OS version - Is your auto backup enabled over the Enpass App?
  10. Please follow these steps, provide the team, and let me know the feedback. Disable 'Open Automatically at system startup’ option under General Settings of Enpass. Disable ‘Open at Login’ from Enpass dock icon → Right click → Options → Open at Login. Do you have Safari browser opened on system startup and is there any pin tabs? if yes, then try disabling temporarily.
  11. Enpass Technical Team has provided the below details. Please share your feedback: Take the backup of Enpass data and save it locally on the device. Quit Enpass using the ctrl/CMD + Q button. Go to the user's Document Folder and rename the Enpass folder as "oldEnpass." Open the Enpass app. Restore the database from the backup file. Now, try to connect sync.
  12. Hey there, I have just messaged you. Please do check your direct messages (DM).
  13. Let me get this checked with the Enpass Technical team. Can you help me with the Enpass and OS version?
  14. Apologies for the inconvenience, but we did fix this in version 6.9.1, and it was reported as feedback that it is resolved. Here, I would like to bring to your attention that although we have fixed the issue and now syncing of tags is seen over other devices if new ones are created, those that were not visible in earlier versions may not be available. For this, users are requested to manually add them to the app.
  15. Sure, let me look into this. Please confirm if you have shared the crash report with us. @loismarcin
  16. Sure, let me look into this. Can you share the ticket ID, and I will ask the Team to revert over that on priority.
  17. Sure, let me ask the team to look into this, but before doing so, could you provide the Enpass and OS version? Additionally, if possible, could you assist with a small screen recording of the issue to aid in reproducing it?
  18. Thank you for the feedback. I'll share this with the Enpass technical team and get back to you soon. #SI-3591
  19. Do try the below steps and let me know your feedback - 1-Restart your PC 2-Quit the Enpass App (from the taskbar) 3-Change Windows Store App Location 4-Remove third-party apps. 5-Disable startup apps. If the above steps don’t help, please try Steps 2 to 4 from this link and then Reboot the system. If the problem persists, please get in touch with Microsoft Support as they can assist you better.
  20. Sure, please refer to this link for detailed steps- https://support.enpass.io/app/generate/kb/how_to_check_the_password_history_in_enpass.htm
  21. @IvarsonI've sent you a direct message, please take a moment to check it.
  22. I just received your request over at support@enpass.io. Let me ask the team to look into this and provide you with support over there.
  23. Hey there, thank you for the feedback. I have asked the relevant team to look into this and implement any improvements based on the input. #SI-3585
  24. Hey there, thank you for the feedback. I have asked the relevant team to look into this and implement any improvements based on the input. #SI-3584
  25. Hey there, To proceed with your request, we would need a few more details like receipts and registered email. I would request you to please get in touch with us at support@enpass.io, and the agent will assist you further.
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