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  1. If only the big red "YOU HAVE BEEN BREACHED, ACT IMMEDIATELY" alert could be hidden somehow. Since when you click on it, you need to pay. But it cannot be hidden, even if i do not want to use the premium features. Shitty UX is shitty.
  2. I disagree. Github is for distributing source code, and eventually releases made from this source code. Just uploading binary artifacts without the code is not what git and Github was made for. If you need a backup of the installation, download the standalone client, and store it somewhere safe for yourself.
  3. Hi, one of the reasons why i preferred Enpass over other password managers like Lastpass and 1password was that the developers just distribute the binary, and everything else like sync and so on was completely in my own hands. No connections to other servers, nothing. This was great, since i believe a password manager should do as little communication as possible. Until now i was very happy with Enpass. But now i have some serious questions about the new favicon feature. The announcement says that Enpass downloads it from the developer's server, and you need to enable the feature o
  4. ttk

    Autostart not working

    OK, there is an undocumented option. Just start Enpass with the "-minimized" flag.
  5. I have a very stripped-down desktop environment on Linux (i3wm). Therefore i have some issues with the autostart option. At first, the Autostart-checkbox didn't work for me. I have reached out to the twitter support, and they told me what technique they are using for this option: "A file named Enpass.desktop should be created there at /home/.config/autostart." - this helped me to re-create a custom autostart script like i had with Enpass 5. However, i am missing the startWithTray option. Since the Enpass UI lacks the "Start minimized" option on Linux, and i3wm has no support to start applicati
  6. I am using Enpass with a tiling window manager on Linux. Due to the nature of tiling window managers, there is no such concept as "Minimize windows". So after starting Enpass automatically on login, it spawns the systray icon and the main window, and ignores the "Minimze to tray" setting. I have to manually kill the window to persist the systray icon and not having a momentarily useless window on my desktop. I know that my use case (Linux with tiling window manager) is somehow special, but this problem is well-known among the users of tiling WMs. So i am asking for maybe a command line f
  7. Apparently yes. It is still very cheap if you compare it to other password managers (except KeePass)
  8. I have used 1password for long time on iOS, macOS, Windows and Android. But currently i am switching to linux, since apple's new hardware disappoints me. 1password has no linux support, so i checked the alternatives. LastPass has monthly subscription model, RoboForm as well. I tried KeePass as well, it has a great ecosystem, but it was too tinker-y for my taste, e.g. Browser integration (you have to install a plugin for KeePass, KeepassHTTP, and a browser extension, and all...) Keep in mind, i am coming from apple ecosystem where it "just works" in around 65-70%. I selected Enpass
  9. +1 This would make Enpass perfect for me. The added support for attachments already made it feature complete for me (i am switching from 1password), but also having nice optical features (and not slowly forcing its users into its own cloud sync) would add the cream on top of it all.
  10. Yeah! I was very much looking forward to this feature. Now i can finally switch from 1password. Awesome work, guys, thank you very much. You'll get a payment of a mobile app from me very soon (or at least, Google will get it and forward it to you some time)
  11. Any updates on this? The current absence of this feature is the only thing keeping me away from switching my password manager from 1password to enpass. I know about the feature in the beta version, but i'd like to use stable versions on mission critical applications like password managers.
  12. Hi, i want to import a 1password database which is in OPvault format. So, i went to 1passwd, and selected "export all items". This happened on macOS Sierra. The result was a folder called "1Password 2016-11-24, 10_56 AM (842 items and 1 folders).1pif". This folder wasn't recognized as a bundle, like the Photo Booth Library or something, just as a folder. Inside of this folder are 3 elements: a folder called "attachments", a folder called "previews", and a file called data.1pif. I selected the import tool in enpass, selected 1password OPvault as the input format, and in the final file
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