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  1. I do not know why cure53 are so reputable. But VPN applications and password managers have a good reputation after their security audits. I suspect their audit costs a lot of money. However, I believe that this will take Enpass to a new level. https://github.com/pomerium/awesome-security-audits Have you thought about this?
  2. Master-password - Open database; Destruct-password - Deletes all data or makes it unsuitable for decryption. This can be done?
  3. How to activate the Pro version in portable?
  4. Look carefully at the screenshots and understand why your program generates the wrong file name.
  5. Good news. Thank you for creating a worthy and modern competitor to KeePass.
  6. I changed the name manually. Correct the generation of the timestamp.
  7. On PC, you can restore backup for any date. But on the mobile I can’t find the backup recovery option.
  8. No, I have the date indicated correctly everywhere. I think you have a problem. See how the name is generated 1567770650751
  9. There are always unforeseen circumstances, and if your site suddenly becomes unavailable, there should be a backup site for downloading installation files. Create a GitHub account and distribute your releases there. Downloading from a third-party site (softportal, softpedia) is not safe, but it’s safe to download from an official github account.
  10. version 6.1.2 favicon not. There is information when there will be automatic loading favicon?
  11. I backed up data from an Android device: Recover data on PC. A new backup was created, but it contains old data, not new.
  12. After create backup on Android 7 from browser (192.168...) invalid backup date 28.11.1971
  13. I see that you are in India. In reviews, users write that this is great. https://securitybaron.com/password-manager-reviews/enpass/ But I still have a question, your company has been around for quite some time, have there been any requests for decryption of data from the state or law enforcement agencies? =)
  14. After the computer turns on for 1-2 seconds, enpass appears and then disappears. Is it possible to do without this appearance, many applications run in the background without flashes.
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