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  1. Folder vs. Categories – help needed

    Hi @Sensaistorm Thanks for writing in and detailed explanation. To do so, select the folder in which you want to add the new item and now try to add the item. It will add automatically to the selected folder. Hope this helps!
  2. Hi @Thecapn_dennis, I'm really sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. There exist the following three version of Enpass for Windows. The recent addition in the list is the bridged version which we developed for distribution through Store with a support for the Edge extension. It has a limitation to support Firefox up to v56. Though we are also working on to add Edge support in Traditional version. In your case to use Firefox v57 please download the website version of Enpass and Firefox webExtension from our website. For more details please check out this blog-post. There should be no problem with any version of Enpass to work with Chrome browser. Please share some more info so that we can help you further. What error message or code are you getting while using Enpass browser extension on Chrome? Which Chrome version and Enpass extension version are you using? Have you installed any Antivirus/ Firewall/third party any security-related browser extension? Thanks for your co-operation.
  3. Firefox 57 support

    Hi @Peter Wang The final version of the Firefox 57 extension is already up and can be downloaded from our website. Cheers!
  4. Hi @Robin, Thanks for reporting this issue and detailed explanation. I have forwarded this issue to the testing team and I'll get back to you when I hear from them. Thanks for your co-operation.
  5. Face ID support for upcoming iPhone X release?

    Hey guys, We'll definitely integrate this feature in next update due soon. Cheers!
  6. App is crashing

    Hi @r0k, Sorry to hear about the trouble you're going through. It'd be a great help if you can share the full crash report at support@enpass.io so that we can look for the cause of it. Thanks for your co-operation.
  7. Hi guys, As mentioned here the Bridged version of Enpass autofills into Firefox upto v56 using the add-on sdk downloaded from Firefox Store. Currently, It doesn't not work with Enpass WebExtension to connect with Firefox 57 but we are working on it. Till then please bear with us. Thanks for your understanding.
  8. Hi @Marijn To change Enpass browser extension shortcut in Safari browser please follow these steps: Open Safari browser --> Go to Preference --> Extensions --> click me to set new shortcut key option. Hope this helps!
  9. Syncing problems over anything

    Hi @stevetaz Sorry for the inconvenience. To join our beta program please follow these steps: Open Google Play Store --> Open the Enpass page and scroll down to the bottom of the page, you'll find the option Become A Beta Tester. Hope this helps!
  10. Enpass crashes after sleep on MacOS

    Hi @Denis Our dev team is already looking into this issue and hopefully, a fix will be made available soon. Till then please bear with us. Cheers!
  11. Syncing problems over anything

    Hey guys, Sorry for all the trouble you are facing while syncing with Dropbox which seems to be very specific with some devices/Dropbox accounts. We have improved Dropbox sync with some other issues in a new update and we'll be rolling out the Beta version soon. So, if you're interested in testing it before a public release please subscribe on the Play store as a Beta tester for Enpass. Thanks!
  12. Erweiterung für Edge

    Hi @Heiner Thanks for writing in. As far as I understood you are facing a problem using Edge browser extension? If yes, please make sure you have installed Enpass password manager app and Enpass extension for Microsoft Edge from Windows store in your system and have Enabled browser extension in Enpass password manager browser settings. If I misunderstood the problem please elaborate a bit more.
  13. unable to sync with MacOS High Sierra and NAS

    Hi @thoko Sorry to hear about the trouble you are going through. Please make sure you are using the same URL to sync with the Mac device that you configured on Windows or iPhone devices. If the problem persists, please share a demo account of your WebDAV at support@enpass.io or you can personally message me so that we can investigate where the problem could be. Thanks for your co-operation.
  14. Edge extension loses connection after a while

    Hey @skinneejoe Thanks for bringing this to our notice. I've noted down this issue to look further into it. Cheers!
  15. Permanent Login

    Hi @Bob Last Currently, Enpass doesn't have this feature. However, you can increase Autolock time interval (max 59 hours) in Enpass security settings. Cheers!