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  1. Hi @chrisonline Welcome to Enpass family. I would like to share that, in order to use Enpass Browser extension, the main app must be kept running in the background. The reason is that being an offline password manager, Enpass saves all your database locally on your device, not on any server. Whenever you visit a login page and click Enpass browser extension for auto-filling, then the extension securely connects with an Enpass app to fetch and auto-fill the details. For more details please have a look at our user manual link. In this case, there is an option in Enpass settings to keep it running in the background by minimizing it to system tray. Also, you can set Enpass to autorun on system startup so that you don't have to manually start it every time the system starts. Hope this helps!
  2. Hi @MarcelB Sorry to hear about your trouble. One of the possible reason might be you have changed the default location of Enpass database (By default it's under User Document) on the Windows PC and set to Dropbox folder or app? If yes, please change the location locally on your device and then enable the Dropbox sync from Enpass settings. If the issue still persists, share some more info so that we can take a closer look into it. Which Android and Windows OS version are you using? Which Enpass version are you using on the each device? Have you enabled sync from Enpass settings on Windows PC? What is the default location of Enpass data? Thanks for your co-operation!
  3. Hi @Christian Schild Sorry to hear about the trouble you are facing. Currently, in iOS devices, Enpass uses the Basic authentication scheme to connect with WebDAV instead of Digest. However, we do have plans to improve WebDAV sync functionality in the next major update (Enpass 6). Please make sure you are using the correct path (Same as you are using on Mac) while restoring the database on Windows and Linux systems. Please let me know if the problem still persists.
  4. Hi @wizkid I've merged your post with this existing thread. Please check and let me know if you have any other questions. Cheers!
  5. Hi @Wagner_EPM Sorry to hear about your trouble. This issue has already been fixed and we have submitted the update for Firefox browser extension to Mozilla for review. It's in the queue and hopefully will be available soon. Cheers!
  6. Hi @EyoVox, Welcome to Enpass family! Thank you so much for the explaining the scenario, it helped us to understand the problem clearly. Much appreciated. I would like to share that Enpass autofill works only when the login credentials fields (username and password) are visible. The above sites that you mentioned don't display the username and password, that's the reason Enpass is unable to autofill. In this case, you'll have to manually click on the login option after that, when the username and password fields appear you can fill login credentials using Enpass browser extensions. I have noted down these websites and notify the dev team for further investigation. It would be great if you can share the Websites name it will help us in improving the Enpass extension. Cheers!
  7. Hi @wekadi Welcome to Enpass family! Currently, Enpass doesn't support full-time Touch ID on MacBook Pro, you have to enter the master password only once when you start the app (unless the device is rebooted/ App is closed), but improving this feature is already on our roadmap for future versions. Stay connected!
  8. Hi @Morpheus Thanks for using Enpass! Select the desired folder which you want to delete and Right click on the folder and you will see options to edit and delete the folder. For more details please check out our user manual. I would like to share that when you create any item, it will be saved in its respective category and will also be displayed under All items. And when you add any item to a particular folder, it is actually not being moved but Enpass creates a reference for that particular item in the folder, leaving the item in the category. Removing the items for the folder will not remove them from Enpass keychain but only that reference will be removed. Hope this helps!
  9. Hi @Redrield Sorry to hear about the trouble you are facing. For testing purpose here, please let me know on which banking app are you facing this problem? If there are any other notifications in the notification bar, then clear it and try to auto-fill via Enpass notification and let me know if the problem still persists. Thanks for your co-operation!
  10. Hi @Bonsi Thanks for writing back and sharing the details. It's a very rare issue and our testing team is looking into this issue. For Testing Purpose: Please disable sync with Backup & Sync Client and check if you are facing the same problem. Also, please drop us an email at mentioning a link to this discussion. We might need to send a debug tool to you for further investigation. Thanks for your co-operation!
  11. Hi @TomTom81 Thanks for writing in. I would like to share that Enpass already has the option "Clear clipboard after" which clears clipboard when you copy any data from Enpass after a specified time interval (Which you set in Enpass). Cheers!
  12. Hi @dAverk, Thanks for writing in. Sorry to say but currently, we don't have any plans to support Samsung Gear watch. However, I have noted down your suggestion as a feature request.
  13. Hi @PedroJorge Sorry to hear about your trouble. We have fixed some minor issues that might have been causing the app to crash on some of the systems. A fix will be rolled out soon and before that we will send a link to you for beta access to verify if that solves your issue. Thanks for your co-operation.
  14. Hi @Nuke807 No! It depends on the number of items and number of attachments in the Enpass.
  15. Hi @pdawg17 Sorry to hear about the trouble you are facing. We have tested this issue in our lab but were unable to reproduce it. Could you please try reinstalling the app and let me know if the problem still persists. NOTE: Before reinstalling the app please make sure you already have a backup of Enpass data. Waiting for your reply!