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  1. Well, at least it's nice to see that it's not just me getting this error... sigh. Enpass really should gift us some additional free lifetime licenses (or similar) for this debacle.
  2. on both phone (Android 12) and tablet (Android 11) will autofill username just fine, but not password. App - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.heinemann
  3. This seems to be an old problem: ..but as I've just started using Home Assistant, I'm re-reporting it. I'm finding that Enpass won't autofill the username or password on either the webpage (using Edge on Windows 10 with Enpass 6.8.0 (1002)) or on my multiple Android devices using the Home Assistant app and Enpass Login also includes TOTP so having Enpass not working is quite cumbersome. Home Assistant is a home automation system (https://www.home-assistant.io/) that you install and run. They do have a demo environment here (https://demo.home-assistant.io/) but you can't access the login page. If required, I could setup a port forward on my router and PM a link to my environment to help troubleshoot.
  4. Thanks @Manish Chokwal I tried setting up onedrive sync with Firefox (98.1.1) and got same result as before. I checked the linked article about disable tab queue in Firefox but I did not find any such setting. I also tried setting up sync using Google drive and this worked fine.
  5. I am setting up Enpass on a new Microsoft Surface Duo 2 (Android 11, Enpass and running into problems enabling OneDrive sync. When I select OneDrive from the Sync with list Enpass immediately produces a dialog with "The sync with OneDrive was canceled by the user". It does also launch the default browser and go through the Microsoft Account login authorization on the other screen, but even when I get to the Enpass page (auth.enpass.io/onedrive/?code=<long string>) with Authorization Finished! and the Redirect button, Enpass doesn't respond and so I'm left with no OneDrive sync. I've tried this process with both Edge and Chrome as the default browser, but I get the same result. Any ideas on how I can proceed here?
  6. ShareX - https://www.microsoft.com/store/productId/9NBLGGH4Z1SP
  7. I have never seen that behaviour. I'm not sure you understand the problem I've outlined. The problem is that after every update of Enpass, it always reverts to a hidden icon in the system tray. I then have to: Go to system tray Click 'show hidden icons' Drag Enpass icon out onto the taskbar It will then persist as a visible icon whenever launched, until the next time there is an app update when it reverts again. I have other applications that do not display this behaviour. If I choose to make icon visible in system tray, they persist forever. Across updates, reboots, etc. This is why I have raised this issue as I believe it is possible for Enpass to behave 'correctly' and respect the setting across updates.
  8. After receiving the option below, I decided to try letting Enpass be the default autofill password manager in Edge. However, I don't like the experience. How do I revert this to go back to Edge being the default autofill password manager as I'm not able to find the option in Enpass or Edge?
  9. I've managed to "fix" the issue, but I'm not convinced that what I did really fixed the problem. However, worth sharing in case it helps someone else. I found this thread ( ) ..and one of the instructions was "Log in to the site https://account.live.com/consent/Manage with the same Microsoft account and delete all the permissions for Enpass." I went and took a look and found multiple sets of Enpass apps with associated permissions so I revoked/removed all the 'old' ones. I worked on the theory that the one with the matching icon and a 'most recently used' date in the previous 24 hours was the one to retain. After doing that, I disconnected sync on my phone and was able to successfully re-establish sync without any error.
  10. Thanks @Gulshan Dogra - having done nothing, I'm now only seeing Error code: 1204401 even after rebooting my phone. What does this indicate? I'm seeing no issues on any of my other devices. I have 6 devices (1 x Android phone, 3 x Android tablets, 2 x Windows 10 PCs) so disconnecting 'all devices' is quite an effort and not something I'm keen to invest time in unless there is no other way forward!
  11. The error has now changed to Something went wrong while syncing with OneDrive. Error code: 1204401
  12. I've just started getting a OneDrive sync error on my Android 11 phone. Something went wrong while syncing with OneDrive. Error code: 1204060 I've tried "Force Stop" and relaunch - no change. I've tried disconnecting OneDrive sync and re-enabling, no issue re-establishing but still get the error when trying to sync. No issue with using OneDrive app on same phone to access the Enpass folder being used for sync.
  13. Currently, there does not appear to be any way to duplicate an existing field in a card. When adding fields where there might be multiple instances of a field, e.g. Security Question and Answer, it would be more efficient to be able to select an existing field, choose duplicate, and then rename it, than to create each field from scratch.
  14. Are release notes still being maintained anywhere? I notice this link hasn't been updated in a while - https://www.enpass.io/release-notes/windows-10-desktop/ Version 6.6.1 Release Date March 25, 2021 ..but we're now on 6.6.3 (836). Thanks!
  15. I'm seeing similar behaviour on Android. I've captured a screenshot of what I see when the Android app gets into the 'broken' state. If I try and force the sync, i get a small grey 'blob' at the bottom of the screen that appears, and then goes away after a second. It's almost as though there is an error message being suppressed. You'll also notice in the screenshot that the last sync date/time goes missing. To recover, I can either Force Stop the Enpass app and relaunch, or simply reboot my phone/tablet. I encounter this on both of my Android devices at least once a week. Is there something we can do to capture data to send to the dev team to troubleshoot this problem? Cheers, Anthony
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