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  1. Thanks @Pratyush Sharma Manually triggering the sync is what I do now. The inconvenience there is also that you are having to navigate away from the card you are working on.
  2. This feature request will fix some of the inefficiencies of setting up new accounts on PC, but then enabling 2FA which requires Enpass on phone to scan code, and then usually there are 2FA recovery codes to store, which you do on PC. All of this requires PC to phone and phone to PC sync to be fast (Enpass is pretty good here but dependent on the Cloud you use) But it also requires the card that you have open to be able to be refreshed, otherwise you have to close and re-open it which is annoying. Here the sample workflow: Create account on PC and create new card in Enpass
  3. +1 for me on this as a long-term Samsung Galaxy S3 (Tizen OS) owner and likely to upgrade to either Galaxy Watch 3 (or 4 later in 2021).
  4. 24 hours of usage and so far no sync errors on any devices (Windows and Android for me)!
  5. It has finally appeared Will update and provide feedback with regards to the OneDrive sync issues.
  6. Still no sign of the v6.6.0 (770) update in the Microsoft Store...
  7. Still no sign of it. I'll give it another day or two..
  8. Still no sign of the 6.6.0 (770) build in the Microsoft Store for me. @Pratyush Sharma can you advise if there have been any issues/delays with Microsoft Store submission and approval process?
  9. OK, make that 48 hours (I'm still not seeing it either). ..and given it is President's Day long weekend in the U.S. it might even be 72 hours..
  10. I just noticed when enabling 2FA in SnapChat on Android that it had the ability to invoke the installed 2FA apps on the Android device as part of the setup. On my tablet, that happened to be Microsoft Authenticator and Authy. Enpass has become my primary 2FA app and so I'm wondering if it is possible to have Enpass registered as a 2FA app on Android for these types of 'in-app' 2FA enablement?
  11. +1 for me as well. I end up using 2 devices (especially if 2FA on the new account I'm creating is involved) and it is a REALLY inefficient process.
  12. It's only been 2 years (and 3 days) since I first requested this relatively simple to implement, low risk, feature.. @Garima Singhwhat little more co-operation would you like from us that may aid in speeding up time to release of user requested features?
  13. Thanks @Pratyush Sharma, will do and will let you know how it goes. @Fabryhorus that often happens. It is just lag time between Enpass being submitted to Microsoft Store, and it going through approvals and then able to be seen by us. Give it ~24 hours. I sometimes wonder if it would be less confusing if the app didn't have a direct 'new update available' check that the Enpass team can push content through directly which creates this slightly confusing situation.
  14. I had been seeing regular issue with OneDrive sync on Android but v6.6.2.458 appears to have fixed the problem. HOWEVER.. The Windows Desktop version has now started throwing OneDrive sync errors constantly where I was never having issues previously. I have Enpass for Windows v6.6.0 (760), and continually get the "Sync Error. No data found on OneDrive." error I disconnect, then reconnect, and everything is fine for maybe 2-3 mins, and then it happens again. And again. And again. I have also tried disconnecting all devices from OneDrive, deleting the Enpass folders
  15. Yeah, but they say that with every feature posted, for years..
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