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  1. Currently, the only way to add a file attachment to a card is to click the 'Add File' button, navigate to the folder that contains the file, select file. It would be a lot simpler if the cards also supported drag and drop, i.e. you simply drag a file onto a card, and it gets added as a file to the card.
  2. +1 on everything listed on this thread!
  3. Uber is another app (on top of SnapChat from my original post) that requires this capability to be able to enable 2FA on your account.
  4. Hi, I'm using Enpass 6.6.1 from Microsoft Store on Windows 10. I have numerous apps from the Microsoft Store, including Enpass, that I have configured to 'launch with Windows start' One minor annoyance is that when Enpass updates itself from the Microsoft Store, it does not re-launch itself after the update. So I'll be at a website in my browser and click the Enpass extension button and nothing happens. I then see that Enpass is not running, and then have to go and manually launch it. I have other Store apps that 're-launch' after update. Could you please consider the same
  5. I came here looking into the same issue. Windows Hello unlock in Enpass works fine the first few times, and then at some point Enpass seems to stop 'triggering' the Windows Hello auth feature and only solution is to Quit Enpass and relaunch. At that point, Windows Hello will work the first few times.. rinse and repeat. As @gpf pointed out, there is no way to manually trigger Windows Hello from the locked Enpass app. Windows 10 Pro 20H2 19042.867 and Enpass 6.6.0 from Microsoft Store.
  6. Indeed it would. And that would be easier if you didn't force every vault to be on a different cloud sync provider Allow multiple vaults to be synced using the same cloud provider please.
  7. Hi, I have many shared family logins due to companies/systems not facilitating individual logins for the same account. These vary for IoT platforms (e.g. LIFX, Amazon Alexa) where only one account can manage the hardware to private health insurance and banks. As I have to share the credentials with my wife on these many systems, I do that by sharing the card from Enpass, emailing to her, so that she can then import the card into her Enpass vault. Sometimes I lose track of: Have I shared a particular card with her (ever) and when, and Have I sent her an updated card s
  8. Thanks @Pratyush Sharma Manually triggering the sync is what I do now. The inconvenience there is also that you are having to navigate away from the card you are working on.
  9. This feature request will fix some of the inefficiencies of setting up new accounts on PC, but then enabling 2FA which requires Enpass on phone to scan code, and then usually there are 2FA recovery codes to store, which you do on PC. All of this requires PC to phone and phone to PC sync to be fast (Enpass is pretty good here but dependent on the Cloud you use) But it also requires the card that you have open to be able to be refreshed, otherwise you have to close and re-open it which is annoying. Here the sample workflow: Create account on PC and create new card in Enpass
  10. +1 for me on this as a long-term Samsung Galaxy S3 (Tizen OS) owner and likely to upgrade to either Galaxy Watch 3 (or 4 later in 2021).
  11. 24 hours of usage and so far no sync errors on any devices (Windows and Android for me)!
  12. It has finally appeared Will update and provide feedback with regards to the OneDrive sync issues.
  13. Still no sign of the v6.6.0 (770) update in the Microsoft Store...
  14. Still no sign of it. I'll give it another day or two..
  15. Still no sign of the 6.6.0 (770) build in the Microsoft Store for me. @Pratyush Sharma can you advise if there have been any issues/delays with Microsoft Store submission and approval process?
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