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  1. After completing the single-field form, by clicking ≡ at the bottom of the extension's sidebar, the Save Webform option does not exist in the opened menu. It seems the Enpass Password Keeper does not identify or recognize the single-field form. For example, when we want to track a parcel, we should enter a tracking code in a single-field form like the followng web page relating to a Courier Service Company: https://www.pdexp.com/en The version of my Enpass Password Keeper is 6.8.5 (1239) installed on Windows 7.
  2. Hello Suppose that we want to save information entered in a webform including only one field , not two or more fields, using Enpass Password Keeper. Can Enpass Password Keeper do this work ?
  3. I could solve this problem by selecting the secondary vault to which items are to be added on the upper left pane. The added items to secondary vault is removed from Primary vault.
  4. Hello I have created a secondary vault. I want to add items to this vault one by one manually. The "Add to Vault" menu item is disabled and greyed out. Please guide me how to enable this menu item?
  5. Hello I could log in to Yahoo Mail by Enpass Password Manager 6.7.2 (778) for the first time but when I logged in for the second time I encountered the Error "Your session has timed out" . Can anyone suggest a solution to session time-out error?
  6. Thank you for your guide. In new version 6.7.2, two-page login works fine.
  7. Hello Enpass Password Manager 6.1.0 (407) Windows 7 Ultimate Mozilla Firefox 92.0
  8. Hello I want to login to my Gmail account. I must enter the user name in a page and enter the password in the next page. Enpass Password Manager only suggests password to save not the user name. Do anyone suggest a solution to autofilling in two-page logins?
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