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  1. I am happy to report that it has been... fixed! Since version 6.5.1 of the Edge plugin it works Thank you very much !
  2. Humm it turns out that the problem was not the restore. Today the sync has been very unreliable and I tried to find a pattern to that. This seems to be more something linked to the OneDrive API. You can close this post
  3. Okay, the problem was not the iPhone migration. I did reset my whole sync be removing everything, and I still get this weird conflict
  4. I recently upgraded to a newer iphone, and copied the content from the old one to the new. At first, I was pretty pleased/surprised to see that all my passwords were migrated as well, with the cloud sync & all. Sadly, it completely blew up my OneDrive sync. It feels like the new iphone has a different enpass DB, with the same content, and that it could not sync anymore with the cloud. On other device I was told that the Enpass database has been removed from OneDrive and was offered to repload it. When doing so, I was greeted with the same error on my new iphone (and so on).
  5. Hello, Recently, I reinstalled my PC and faced a usability issue when restoring Enpass. I did create a few vaults, and I stored the password of those in my primary one. When setting up the secondary one, I am prompted for the password of the secondary ones, but I can't use Enpass to retrieve those - as I am already in enpass in a different menu. I would need to either: Copy/paste the vault password to an intermediate location Retrieve the password from the browser extension It would be really, really nice if Enpass would have let me chose the vault password; dire
  6. When using enpass to connect to qnap NASes, the username is not getting filled. In the webform, only the password field is mapped. I tried several thing (delete, recreate, save webform, ...) nothing worked. Here are the details about my setup: QNAP QTS 4.5.1 Enpass 6.5.2 Edge 86 Edge plugin 6.4.0 This is very certainly caused by the fact that the username is a textarea: https://github.com/bitwarden/browser/issues/1214
  7. @Pratyush Sharma I do have the exact same problem, but with an XPS 13 9370. It has a TPM 2.0 and it is enabled. Find bellow the outputs to the command you asked: PS C:\Windows\system32> Get-Tpm TpmPresent : True TpmReady : True TpmEnabled : True TpmActivated : True TpmOwned : True RestartPending : True ManufacturerId : 1314145024 ManufacturerIdTxt : NTC ManufacturerVersion : ManufacturerVersionFull20 : ManagedAuthLevel : Full OwnerAuth
  8. I would like that as well! Having the ability to define the matching at the item level. Having the ability to leverage regex (either in the matching, or in the url field directly) would be awesome
  9. Today, Edge chromium was released, and enpass work great with it ! I did receive a message that the binary was not whitelisted; please whitelist it
  10. Yep, I can confirm that it is now working! Thanks !
  11. Bump Any acknowledgement of the bug?
  12. Hello, The TOTP feature is not working on iOS. When I use autofill in Safari to log in to some site, the 2FA does not get copied in the clipboard. iOS: 12.1.4 enpass: 6.0.4 (222)
  13. Hello Anshu, You are right, that was the problem ! Thank you very very much !
  14. Hello, I faced a very disturbing issue. The TOTP code generated by the Windows 10 app and the one on the mobile app (iOS) are different. The one on the Windows 10 app is wrong. I checked with a few different credentials that I have with TOTP, and it was the case every single time. Windows 10 version: 6.0.4 iOS version: 6.0.4 (222) I would suggest a quick fix, this can be very frustrating/infuriating to get around. Still, the new version of enpass is awesome ! Cheers !
  15. Hello, For ~the past week enpass does not want to cooperate with my Chrome anymore. It says: "chrome.exe is trying to establish connection with its code signature unrecognized by Enpass. Do you allow Enpass to connect?" I am using the following versions: Chrome: 72.0.3626.96 (Official Build) (64-bit) Chrome plugin: Enpass: 6.0.4 My chrome.exe seems pretty legit & signed, with code signature in place (SHA256: F6FA354889EF81AD521F1F0E4C9AFF4D54B95994573791C897A248F52B0479FD)
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