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    Where is the WiFi Sync for Enpass 6?

    Enpass 6 went live yesterday, but I found no reference to the WiFi sync. Edit: since it shall be announced after the go live of 6, it is on schedule I’ll wait
  2. First of all, I let’s cheer the team for the auto fill support, it is really a great feature! How to reproduce the bug: - Using autofill, log in to a website (like the Enpass forum). TouchId will work - logout - Login again. Since autofill remembers which password you entered for this site, it proposes a shortcut. When using this shortcut, TouchId will not work and you will have to enter the master password (bug)
  3. FuN_KeY

    Enpass 6 - Freeze after a while

    Hello, First of all I would like to congratulate the team for the new version of Enpass, it has basically everything I was missing in the previous version. You really did a great work here During my testing I noticed that after some inactivity the client could freeze
  4. FuN_KeY

    iOS 12 autofill

    I would also be very interested in this feature. The Safari plugin is working great but it would be even better to have a OS level integration as it would benefit builtin apps.