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  1. The last Enpass audit was in 2018. Is there any plan to repeat this audit as it is coming up to 3 years without one Thanks
  2. Thanks. There is no crash report. I restarted my PC and this fixed the issue
  3. When adding a new item in the browser extension, using "+", the website field currently does NOT auto-populate with the current webaddress Please can this feature be added as most other Password managers offer this
  4. I have tried 6 times now to "Add file" to Enpass. Enpass on Windows 10 crashes every time I have tried. I have no issues adding a file on my Android phone. Any ideas why?
  5. Does Enpass intend to implement 2FA for itself as an second authentication method instead of Keychain It is much easier to use and is less risky as losing access to a 2FA is harder than a keychain
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