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  1. Couple Month ago i bought a License and imported all Data from Keepass. Because of missing feature i was using Keepass again. Now... giving Enpass one more try all my Data: - are Lost - i do not get recon as an excisting User anymore tbh, Usability is definitely different. I am done with that shit.... Never used a Password Manager like that before.. Worst Case ever.
  2. There is no Site. Auto Fill is not working on any Website. I always have to click right mouse button, then click on Enpass and search for the pass in the Popup. The general question was whether Auto Fill works in general and matches are displayed in the password fields.? If not it maybe does not work with Edge Chromium Beta?!
  3. Hello @Anshu kumar Thanks for Answer. Was a bit shocked within the 1. Seconds ;) Had to reinstall my Notebook and all worked as u explainig. Thank u for your fast Support Just one more question, before i start another Thread ;) Is there a way Enpass recognizes the user/password Fields and makes proposals or if there´s just one Entry available Enpass Auto-Fills the specific Fields itself?
  4. Hello. I´ve bought Enpass now but from the App itself. I´ve got redirected to Paypal directly without asking to enter my Data myself and without Two-Factor Authentication. Weird tbh. After Payment to Microsoft Payments (thought i pay Enpass directly) i got the Premium Feature unlocked but... what if i want to reinstall my System? Dont i need any kind of a Key, KeyFile or something similiar. How do you/System/whatever know that i bought Enpass? Thats all bit confusing ... I pay Microsoft, i dont get ask for my paypal credentials, i have nothing in hands just the Bill...Great....
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