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  1. I've honestly given up on it and I don't use Enpass any more. 1Password for example solved the autotype function via a desktop app. This opens a small window in which the data can be retrieved via hotkey. KeePass can do autotype via a plugin and KeePassXC which I am now actively using makes it similar to 1Password After more than a year, the interest in the further development of Enpass seems rather limited. Over and Out
  2. I made this request a year ago and still nada... just saying
  3. Now that I haven't been active for a while, and I'm still looking for an adequate solution to 1Password, I wanted to inquire if 2FA is now supported for different Logins
  4. To open the Windows app, I set a hotkey with Ctrl Alt and O. In the small pop-up window, I search, e.g., for "Steam" for the login of the corresponding Windows app. Unfortunately, I'm only offered to copy the URL and the username here. I cannot copy the password here. To do this, I would first have to open the entire Enpass app or the browser app. Uncomfortable! An option to copy the PW too would be perfect.
  5. Thanks for the offered help, but I guess I'll go with @Ivarson´s suggestion unless you guys make me a better deal than the $39.99
  6. Thanks a lot for your help. You should become a Support. Much faster and better Just a loud thought. The lousy support here is also a reason I'm still unsure about switching to Enpass in the end.
  7. Is there any Premium Discount for Pro User? If, where to find this option?
  8. Can Enpass autofill Desktop Apps Like Steam, Discord, Spotify etc...?
  9. @Gulshan Dogra I found the mistake. You should have asked me if I have the pro or the premium version. hmmm
  10. OK. Did exactly what u mentioned, but in Audit there is nothing shown up with 2fa. There are just 4 Sections: compromised, identical, weak and expired Under "Others" I have OnTimeCodes but if I click on it, it's not showing anything either Drives me nutz
  11. OK. Did the reinstall, cleaning everything before, but 2fa, e.g. PayPal, isn't recognized. I am using Windows 11 with latest updates and latest Enpass version from Windows Store. Same with Browser Extension (Edge)
  12. I have saved my PayPal login details in Enpass, but the 2-factor authentication method is not recognized. Nothing is displayed under "AUDIT" either. Am I missing something?
  13. I asked this in 2020 and got the same answer. How many Times u will forward this to ur "Team" In 2023 someone will ask again and then what?? Forward to team?
  14. Complicated. Sorry but why not having a detection within the Password fields?
  15. Do i always need to right Click to the Autofill Field (User/Password) to get the Login i need or is there any other way like an icon next to the Password Fields? I may just miss it...
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