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  1. I've solved it. It looks like the URL structure for Seafile is: https://seafile.mydomain.com/seafdav/[LIBRARY_NAME]/[SUB-FOLDER-NAME]/ Enpass will then create a directory called "Enpass" inside of the directory you specify. I thought for sure I had tried this exact method previously but without luck but it's working now.
  2. That's true but so far the only URL that I've gotten to work with Enpass and Seafile is the default: https://seafile.mydomain.com/seafdav. This syncs to a library called "Enpass". I'm not aware of a way to provide a different URL but if there's a way to do that, I believe that would solve my problem.
  3. I'm using Seafile to sync my Primary vault between devices. I'd like to create a new vault for shared passwords. However, according to the documentation here, it appears that only one vault can be synced. Can anyone provide some clarification on why that's the case? Are there any plans to lift this restriction at some point? Thanks for your work on this product! It's improved my life quite a bit.
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