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  1. Dear Enpass Developer, I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to inquire about the current status of the Enpass application, to request UI changes, and to report a persistent issue with the taskbar icon. Status Inquiry: I am concerned about the lack of recent updates and social activity from the Enpass company. Could you please provide information regarding the current status of Enpass? Users rely on consistent updates and communication from the company to ensure the longevity and security of their data. UI Changes Request: In addition, I would like to request updates to the user interface (UI) of the Enpass app. Specifically, I suggest aligning the UI with the design aesthetics of Windows 11. A visually cohesive and modern interface would greatly enhance the overall user experience. Taskbar Icon Issue: Furthermore, the Enpass taskbar icon issue persists. It appears that this issue is related to system settings, as it does not adapt properly to changes in theme settings. When using the dark theme, the icon remains unchanged, and when switching back to the light theme, the icon does not properly update. This issue was previously reported but has not yet been addressed through updates. I understand that resolving software issues and implementing UI changes can take time, but I would greatly appreciate it if these matters, including the UI changes, could be addressed with some urgency. Thank you for your attention to these matters. Enpass is an indispensable tool for me, and I look forward to continued improvements in its functionality, user interface, and assurance of its ongoing support. Please keep me updated on the progress and resolution of these matters. If you require any further information or assistance, please feel free to reach out.
  2. Dear Team, if the feature may be missing into the Enpass app and I think this one was extremely useful for all of us whenever you add this feature. also, as a design perspective the android design not as per up to the mark from design perspective. Have Windows 11 in on all my desktop devices. Most of the apps and software now switch to latest WIN UI but your app still at the same UI done design. the feature and UI both are most of biggest working area for developers. so please make better UI for the enpass app.
  3. Dear Developers, Enpass is one of the good password manager but in windows 10 the icon of the app look like outdated and also need some improvements the main issue already mentioned but still not solved by developers. In light mode app icon is not properly shown already ask before 5 to 6 months but still same issue. check both the image and solve the issue of the app.
  4. Hello, @GaryDouglas where you want to add WhatsApp numbar???? @Tahreem i also again suggest that kindly create telegram group for large discussion about bugs and software improvement and channel for new version changelog updates and announcement very fast so user can post very fast their queries and you can improve software very fast. hope u do very fast..
  5. Dear Developer, Enpass have great app. I'm using since 2018. Enapss making more changes after 2018 but still so many features missing like other Password Managers.. Import password or export password features still not available on android app. So add this feature as soon as possible.. because I'm using enpass as a business tool.. so please proved the actual date for this feature enable version... kindly consider this request as soon as possible... Thanks & Regards. Dinesh Sitapara (CA Student)
  6. Dear Developer, I'm an Pro user of enpass since 2017 and the app is great. Recently I seen so many reviews on web, youtube and elsewhere.. most of the reviews says so many cons of enpass like customer support.. I request you to take feed back via whatsapp or telegram group and connect with customers via whatsapp or telegram so you can find better solution.. every users can not use emails of forum.. your whole feedback and discussion available on forum only.. but whatsapp or telegram used by everyone so try to reach via whatsapp or telegram so no one miss the update and every release gives details via telegram channel or group.. every big Companies use more social platforms so that they can reach with more users...as a professional student I know the value of marketing and business expansion.. so try to go via telegram and whatsapp so users can send u feedback very fast and effectively.. so more and more users gain your info and gives very positive path to your business. Hope u considered my feedback as a valuable and take reasonable steps as soon as possible..
  7. Kindly Add back fevicon as soon as possible.. after so many times (seven months or more ) still not received in android app.. so.. add back as soon as possible.. also consider the new updated design like this so new material refreshment and new look add back.. waiting your satisfactory reply........
  8. Dear Developer, recently i noticed some new feature idea in enpass app, i'm using enpass on android and i noticed that i have using different Desktops and PC while access password so, its so complicated for me to copy the password and paste in website and its not possible to install enpass on every desktop and in every laptop or chrome extension on every extension so can you add feature in web access on enpass that can make me access and copy my all pass word via just one QR code scanning on web so i can every time connect enpass android and iOs app via QR code or via secirity key.. and i can disconnect view feature on web via just one click and i also add search bar on android app so . i can find items like .. i want to add bank account details in enpsss so i need to type just bank on top bar and bank account details tab automatically seen in search result.. no need to go in finance and than find bank account or pan card details etc.. its more easy to add details for every user on enpsss. and try to add bottom access bar so more comfortable for every user on enpsss.. i hope you under stand this all 3 requirements and consider the suggestion as soon as possible. thanks in advance Dinesh Sitapara
  9. Recently i updated my android app to latest version of enpass but after update enpass cant auto fill the details in any website i have to manually copy and paste them into the browser or in app.. so kindly note this issue and fix them as soon as possible ... and also add app uninstall protection for better security in case of android...
  10. Dear Developer, Enpass is very good app but i miss some features like device administrator. For protecting app from uninstalling via other unauthorized persons.. or accidentally uninstalling... Also add fevicon as soon as possible. And add full UI change log in new updates description in google play so we can check on which area you modify UI.
  11. As a security auditor assistant every IT companies need to do security audit and need additional security certificate.. so every Member and user can under stand the security level .. also you have to show off PCI certificate in your site if you have.. so we can understand how much you take care about our data.. im an auditor and how much costly if any company breached data from their sites.. so please understand the requirements of security audit. every 3 to 5 years system audit required..
  12. Same Question to developer every app developer gives fevicon and some site still nor captured fevicon in android app.. so add back them..
  13. Dear Developer, Enpass IO is very good app, but some best features still missing like in recent beta i shown that you change logo, every app have unique logo for apps. like see Deshlane logo is super over all internal UI not much more attractive as compare to other apps. because every apps design make more difference with other competitors. i am not says negative about apps but if you change your overall design like give controls on bottom instead of upper than more convent for one hand and more clear. you have to implement lite white design like all google apps and you have to change your app logo.. design of every app more important. also some major feature missing .. i already send mail but still no reply by developer team, in every business customer after sales service so reply to every member is more important, i am just sending some suggestions.. thank you for this beautiful app, very convenient superb work.. recently in started to add my clients login details in this app.. so i hope you understand your position in current market.. truly indian app.. superb work.... thanks in advance. Dinesh Sitapara
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