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  1. I have to admit I am somewhat confused. What is the difference between the store and traditional windows beta programs? What are/will be the advantages of either? I am on the traditional beta (I think) v 6.0.0 (228) and the android beta app. Regards to all this holiday season and let us hope Trump has a quiet one!
  2. My flavicons have disappeared with latest beta on android. Only a few left and cannot see how to reset.
  3. I cannot get Edge extensions for version 6. I only have 5.5.2 I am currently running Enpass 6.0.0 (198) and synch to android version 6 on phone.
  4. Sorted now and both syncing just fine on onedrive. I had to delete the Enpass 5 app from the phone which was installed just in case.
  5. Yes on .91 and saved local backup prior to this. I had to delete the vault after upgrade as not the original vault! I then restored from local backup and not have the most recent vault but cannot get it to sync with onedrive error the sync with onedrive cancelled by user. Try again and browser page authorisation finished …. redirect and back to error message. Thanks for help. I hope transition from version 5 to 6 on general release is smoother than this.
  6. I made a local backup on .75 on phone, uninstalled the app and tried to find the.91 version but no joy. Searching playstore not beta. Library on playstore I can find beta Enpass but in installing it is .75. Is .91 on release everywhere? I am in UK.
  7. Message posted in beta windows desktop section. Android app syncs to onedrive/apps/Enpass beta folder and new desktop Enpass beta 6 syncs to onedrive/apps/Enpass folder so do not sync with each other. Also I cannot update android app to latest version stuck on
  8. Changing desktop beta to the new beta downloaded from this site has not gone smoothly. I have android beta Enpass and it syncs to onedrive/apps/Enpass beta folder by default. The new version 6 so called desktop program looks like a windows 10 app but was downloaded from this site and it syncs by default to onedrive/apps/Enpass folder. I cannot see how to redirect either program to the same folder. Any help appreciated. This migration was not for the fainthearted.
  9. Hi It has been some time since the last beta releases for Windows and android. Can we expect anything soon?
  10. I concur with Asmit's comments. There is no difference in the Enpass window size and text between 150 and 200% and collapse the pain is too large. However there appears to be a difference in the behaviour of the restarted program between selecting x to close the window and selecting exit from the 3 bar menu. If exit is selected then the program remembers the window size when reopened and then if maximise then minimise, remembers the previous size. Also if close program by using exit from hamburger menu then windows hello does not appear and have to use password.
  11. If you scrolling down the alphabet in any group then go to a different group with lots of entries, the focus is not at the start of the alphabet but at the letter previously selected. This is the case in all items as well. However sometimes the focus does go to the start of the alphabet.
  12. treefern

    Show password

    When I select show password, the program does not revert back to hidden when re-opened as in version 5. I feel that it should.
  13. Clicking on the attachment name as in version 5 does not open the attachment. I cannot see how to do this. Bug report sent.
  14. I had to restart windows to get dark theme to work. Spring update on surface pro.
  15. No this is not possible. I can only get apps and updates from MS store and only enpass 5.2.4 is available.
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