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  1. Someone teach this guy text comprehension skills.
  2. Icons work mostly fine. When can we expect it for Desktop applications?
  3. The dark theme on Linux looks so much better.
  4. On Ubuntu 16.04 Firefox extension works fine, Chrome tries to open the Enpass app and then does nothing afterwards.
  5. Took almost 3 days for me. I think this delay is on Microsoft's side. Just wait a little.
  6. Have you checked that no information is missing inside the elements? For me there are almost all passwords missing.
  7. Since the first beta, I have the problem that Enpass6 does not import the passwords for most elements when importing from an old Enpass5 backup. This is a very severe bug because it's not immediately obvious. Some passwords cannot be easily reset so this is catastrophic.
  8. Since the very first beta I had the problem that for MOST elements the passwords are not imported when importing from a Enpass5 backup. This problem still persists. It's very severe because passwords are gone and for some there is no option to reset. (crypto wallets)
  9. Thanks for helping. I don't remember all of them but one is digitec.ch
  10. Ah cool, is it possible to make this a top level category alongside weak, identical, etc.? Also I realised that all of my "pwned" elements are elements without password.
  11. I just used the Pwned option: It tells me how many passwords have been breached but not which ones.
  12. Right? I was almost fanboy-ish when I first heard about Enpass. But the long waits with the even longer periods of silence make me lose a lot of faith in the team. I'm currently evaluating other options.
  13. This happens to me after every restart of the computer. What helps is to completely terminate Enpass and then restart it.
  14. Hi @Anshu kumar, Unfortunately, this does not have the desired effect. Autofill via notification still uses the email instead of the username in many places. (Also, in Enpass 5 it works no matter what the order of the Username and Email is.)
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