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  1. Not necessarily a bug, but on Enpass 5 it was possible to switch apps between a specified time frame without new authenication. I would like to have that option again. Edit: Nevermind, I guess I missed that setting.
  2. On Desktop, items are sorted from numbers to letters, on iOS it is from letters to numbers.
  3. Well, that update check is also Beta
  4. When I scroll through the list of entries and select one, occasionally the entry gets deselected and the list scrolls back on its own.
  5. Meister

    [Windows] Favicons not downloading

    When i click the Use Favicon Button in the settings only some favicons are actually downloaded. For the rest of the entries I have to either click the Use Favicon Button in the edit entry menu or change something else and save the entry afterwards, in order to get the favicon.
  6. Steps to reproduce: Open password entry with normal tap from overview Go back to overview 3D touch an entry App quits
  7. On current Beta on Windows the application quits if I click on the password generating button on the top right. Same goes for generating a password in an entry.
  8. Meister

    A new Enpass beta for iOS is now available

    Sync current Enpass 6 version with Google Drive and restore from Google Drive on the phone
  9. Meister

    Extension Link Problem

    Yes, that's the old beta and is not compatible for syncing.
  10. Have you tried reinstalling the old Enpass 5, making a backup, and importing that into Enpass 6?
  11. Did you previously have Enpass 5 installed on that machine with a different password? That’s the one you should enter there, since installing the new beta automatically migrates Enpass 5 data.
  12. Meister

    How to opt out of v6 beta?

    I thought Windows Mobile 10 is dead... Would be very surprised if any app there would still get updates.
  13. Meister

    Enpass Beta (197) Blue Screen

    Yeah, the premium feature isn't working yet, no idea how that feature even made it into the beta release.
  14. Meister

    Extension Link Problem

    Looks like you are still using the old android beta. You need to be a beta tester and install the app from there, the old Beta app is not compatible.