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  1. Oh ! I though I didn't have to pay anymore to Enpass... The price is high for what it give... The normal price should be 5€ / year... at max 10€/year, not 26,49€ !! I may consider changing my strategy and go elsewhere... with another app...
  2. I've got a same problem with Bitdefender : EnPass infected by a virus on windows10 ? - Windows 10 (Store) - Enpass Forum
  3. I uninstall EnPass (version MS Store), and install the destktop version 32bits. Bitdefender seems to not detect anything with this version...
  4. Hello, Today, after a cold start of my computer windows10 (up to date), my Bitdefender alert me about a risk from EnPass : So, is it a false positive ? Or something got wrong ? I'll submit to bitdefender lab.
  5. Too late for me. I move to GDrive Sync. I had the same problem discuss here. And same a everyone, my OneDrive account doesn't transform itself in work account... I start to be tired by all the Sync Problems I had : iCloud, OneDrive...
  6. Hello, I had to move to OneDrive Sync because the problem appears to often... And I had problems too with OneDrive Sync... : Now I have GDrive sync.
  7. Hello, I've got the same problem on my 3 devices : windows pc, macOS and iOS. Synchonisation failed due to supposedly files deleted from OneDrive... But no files concerning Enpass was deleted... A tempoary fix is to kill EnPass and restart it. Then the synchronisation can be done. But the problem reapears soonafter... I was tired of this, buggy OneDrive Sync so I move to GDrive Sync, and it seems there is no problems anymore... Let's see on the long run... But after abaondonning iCloud Sync because of the iCloud Sync keep expiring problem, I have to abandon OneDrive... Let's hope there will be no problem like this with Gdrive... If this is the case, I'll have to move to another application's passwords.
  8. Hello, Ok Thanks, I'll give it a try next time I've got the message. But it's still annoying.
  9. Hello, Every time I launch the W10 store client I have this message : I have to reconnect my icloud account to have iCloud sync works again... It's pretty annoying... Why is it happening ? Can it be different ? If not, I'll have to switch to another sync cloud... but I don't want to use OneDrive again because I had in the past to reconnect my OneDrive account every update of the client with restoring the data from the cloud... Thanks Miles
  10. It seems there is a problem with space inside the TOTP code. Remove the space and it works again. They push a beta in TestFlight to fix this. I hope it will be released soon. On macOS there the same problem.
  11. On iOS there is a beta to fix thos problem. I'm sure they're working on the same issue on macOS... But it's strange this is happening now, because before there was no problems...
  12. Hello, I've got the same problem on my iPhone... I register with appleID but I get the warning that I reach the limit and have to go premium subscription... On my mac no problem...
  13. I tried to buy the Pro version on my mac, but there is an error, and I can't purchase it...
  14. Hello, I purchased the Premium functions on windows 10 for 5€99. Why on my mac it's 6€99, so not the same amount ? Is it normal ? Thanks Miles
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