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  1. I did exactly as you did. And I had no answers... This is not very serious...
  2. @Akash Vyas : you contacted me via PM, but I can't send you a response because of the shitty spam protection ! I get this message every time I try to send you my response : *** Forbidden. HTTP links blacklisted. You submitted too quickly. You may try again in a few seconds. *** Or some minutes later, my browser (Safari) is considerated as a spambot... What a pain un the ass... I'm about to give up...
  3. Hello, You know that the build you are refering is the laster stable build for pulic ? I'm not an insider, and I have this version too : So when you suggest us to use a stable version of windows, you want us to go back to a previous version ??? Or to use a preview version as an insider ? Do you intend to fix that bug with the lastest stable version of windows 10 ? Because just saying to use a different build of windows isn't helping... nore insinuating that Windows 10 x64 1803 (17134.81) isn't a stable build ! Your answer is starting to make me regret using EnPass and buying the iOS version ... Knowing that we are still waiting for the new version that was to arrive at the end of May ...
  4. Hello, I've got the same problem. And the same amount of error popups... I'll try to unistall the windows store version to install the one from the web site.
  5. Hello, I've got the same issue with Safari, and with the master code, or the Pin Code.
  6. MilesTEG

    Pictures and documents on enpass

    I would like to have this too.
  7. MilesTEG

    Custom logos and templates

    This is exactly what I thought... I really hope there will be a major update soon... (and that it will be free as I purchased recently the iOS version...)
  8. MilesTEG

    Open multiple vaults

    Hello, It would be a great things to be able to open differents vaults in Enpass like it's possible on other password manager like KeepassXC for example... I hope it will be on the version 6 witch will come soon
  9. MilesTEG

    Custom logos and templates

    Hello, I'm new to Enpass witch I use on macOS, iOS and windows, and I would really like to have the possibility to set my own logos by importing my own icons/logos (ico, icns, png...) for my entries and for the folder because for those, there is so little choices... see in the screenshot . I would really appreciate to be able to change the logos I hope the new version will be available soon, and a free upgrade from 5.x. Thanks in advance Miles