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  1. Hello, There is no firewall in Bitedefender for Mac, only an antivirus, as I said I have Bitdefender Antivirus Version on my mac. There is no problem for Safari, or Firefox to connect to Enpass using their own extensions... So I don't understand why you mentioned Firefox in your reply... Your command "netstat -ano | findstr 10391" result in an error : netstat: illegal option -- o The second command won't work : -bash: syntax error near unexpected token `"tokens=5"' I repeat, only Chrome Extension doesn't work, and doesn't connect to Enpass...
  2. In my case : On my mac (High Sierra 10.14.1 (18B75)), Enpass 6.0.0 (250), with Chrome version 70.0.3538.110 (Build officiel) (64 bits), and Enpass Extension v6.0.0.56. With Bitdefender Antivirus Version On my windows computer (Windows 10 v1809 - 17763.134 ), Enpass 6.0.0 (149) with Chrome version 70.0.3538.110 (Build officiel) (64 bits) or Opera version 57.0.3098.76 both with Enpass Extension v6.0.0.56. With Bitdefender Total Security v23.0.14.61. On both computer, only Enpass 6 is running. On both computer, Chrome (or Opera) won't connect to Enpass...
  3. hello, Is-it possible to test this windows store version alongside with the win32 desktop ? Second question : is there any differences between this two version (desktop & windows store) ?
  4. MilesTEG

    A new Enpass beta for iOS is now available

    Hello, I installed this last version with TestFlight. But I had to uninstall everything about enpass... And then this beta ask me to re-purchased to unlock the 20-things limitation... I had to uninstall, download again Enpass5, and overwrite it with this beta to get it working without limitations... For now it's working... But with my mac, my windows computer and my iPhone, it was a pain in the ass to get all working together and synching with dropbox without problems... (and still Chrome extension doesn't work... but it's for another topic this problem...) You should have made the transfert more friendly...
  5. MilesTEG

    Latest Enpass 6 beta for Mac is now available!

    Hello I managed to get the lastest beta working, but what a pain in the ass... I had to made a backup with the previous beta, then uninstall everything about previous Enpass (v5, previous beta), and every browser extensions ... I had to move the Enpass.app from /Applications/Enpass/Enpass.app to /Applications/ because if I don't, browsers extensions won't connect to Enpass... (except for Chrome witch doesn't want at all to be connected... it's not working for him...) But now, Safari is connected, Firefox is connected, and Synching with my dropbox. You should made the processus of migration more easy... Why made you the last beta version erase the Enpass5 data ? (use the ../Documents/Enpass/ folder instead of the Enpass6-beta folder ??)
  6. Hello, I can't manage to made the Chrome Extension version to connect to the lastest Enpass Beta (28/11)... I always get this on windows or macOS... : Before installating this lastest beta, I uninstall all other version of Enpass (previous beta, v5). The lastest beta works fine with Firefox, and Safari (on my mac), but doesn't want to be connected to Chrome or Opera... Any solution ? I have to switch to Firefox while this problem is solved... Thanks
  7. MilesTEG

    Latest Enpass 6 beta for Mac is now available!

    Ok ! Great ! So it's reassuring I'm still waiting for the iOS release
  8. MilesTEG

    Latest Enpass 6 beta for Mac is now available!

    Ok, thanks, but you're talking about the lastest beta, right ?
  9. MilesTEG

    Latest Enpass 6 beta for Mac is now available!

    Can someone confirm this : This new beta of Enpass6 will not works alongside Enpass5 ? And will not works with previous beta data ? But by cleaning all data, and restore a fresh backup of the previous Enpass6 beta data, it will works ? I'm waiting for an iOS version to try it... But it will depend of the answer of my questions... because I must have a working solution if the beta isn't working correctly...
  10. MilesTEG

    How-to Export Enpass6 data to Enpass5 ?

    The week has passed. The new beta isn't available... Is it planned this week ?
  11. MilesTEG

    How-to Export Enpass6 data to Enpass5 ?

    Hello, I hope it will be released next week .
  12. MilesTEG

    How-to Export Enpass6 data to Enpass5 ?

    And we don't have any alternative not too expensive, or without subscription... Nevertheless, I start to wonder if I'll try 1Password...
  13. MilesTEG

    How-to Export Enpass6 data to Enpass5 ?

    Hmmm, that's not cool... I hope there will be a way... But, what I would like to have now, it's a safari extension for the beta ! and a new beta... For what we see, there is no progress in the developement... All beta I participate, there are severals update, like one a week... Here, none since some month...