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  1. Same thing here. I used the same mail address on the android app today that I used yesterday on the free desktop in hopes it would just "upgrade" it to pro (which would make sense IMO) buuuuut it didn't. Now the app only gives me access to 25 of my 155 passwords. I'm stoked!!! Anyways. If you guys haven't entered a mail address on your bought mobile version, maybe use a different address and change the desktop version over to the new one. (Settings -> Account -> Change) No promises this works though. Just me guessing...
  2. @Meister To bad bitwarden also is really bad when it comes to usability... Browser extensions needs pin unlocking (1 try, than master pwd like with enpass 5) Also, navigation the bitwarden extension using a keyboard is a just painful (just like enpass 6) Sad how there's no good PWD manager out there and seeing all the potential enpass threw out the windows just hurts me
  3. P.s. sorry for being so... aggressive or whatever you wanna call it... ...I'm just really annoyed about the whole Enpass 6 release. There's just so much wrong with it. The android app is actually really good from what I've seen so far but the desktop... I wish you'd just redo it using GTK instead of QT without trying to "do your own thing to separate from the masses". We don't need "unique" designs on a desktop. We need something that just works and does so with keyboard and mouse because that's what we have AND USE. You guys design some weird tablet'isch thingy filled with bugs (be it QT's fault or not, as a end-user I don't care) which is hard to use effectively. Great... now I have to apologize again for ranting. I'm sorry.
  4. So I tested again, even removed everything that's not a "login" (secure notes, credit cards) and still no budge. I've tried importing on both windows and linux. Enpass version: Latest stable on both windows and linux Bitwarden version: 2.8 And yes, the exported json is valid as well. From a possible 134 items, the first 35 would be imported (so one more than previously) Just spent some more time trying to figure out what you guys did wrong aaaaand actually found it. As soon as there's an entry WITHOUT the `uris` node (underneath `logins`), the whole import stops processing any further items. That's obviously not quite right...
  5. @Anshu kumar Guess I should have pinged you so you get an update
  6. My bad, should have mentioned that. Already did try both, csv and json. Both import exactly 34 as mentioned previously
  7. Given what a trainwreck Enpass6 is I migrated to my own Bitwarden installation. While occasionally checking back on Enpass I noticed that importing from Bitwarden will only ever import 34 out of my few hundred items. So... ugh.. fix plz?
  8. @xarekate from a terminal try this: $ QT_AUTO_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTOR=0 /opt/enpass/Enpass If this works, put "QT_AUTO_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTOR=0" into "/etc/environment" and re-log your user.
  9. The WM_NAME atom was the same for both previously right? I could have sworn I checked that. Either way, that's enough for me, thanks! P.s. What i was revering to by saying WM_CLASS is what `xprop` shows. The output of `xprop` includes the "window instance" (fist element) and "window class" (second element). The window class should be the same, yes. The instance (as far as I'm aware) can be a different one. I know this sounds lazy, but can you have it jump straight to the first entry? I'm a dev myself and understand your argument (from a technical POV it "makes sense") but the user doesn't care especially if it's one who likes to be efficient :) Glad to hear it! Hope this will be implemented soon :) Thanks but there's a slight oversight. The delay works but if I refocus the window (so I move the cursor away and within one second back to it) it still closes after one sec. If it should gain focus again, it shouldn't close :) Good lord! I'm sorry than :/ How come this hasn't been fixed yet? If you have a bug report link for this specific bug I'd love for you to link it :) Anyways... It's working much better now! Thanks a bunch! Cheers and merry Christmas!
  10. @Vinod Kumar Had to find my old post to remember... ':D Seems to be working fine now, yes. If you'd like to do me (and possibly others) a huge favor, adjust the instance-name for WM_CLASS to be different for the assistant Currently it's (for both the main app and the assistant): WM_CLASS(STRING) = "Enpass", "Enpass" Something like (for the assistant): WM_CLASS(STRING) = "Enpass-Assistant", "Enpass" would be amazing (for automation purposes that is) Remaining issues: 1. Within the assistant, Arrow down has to be hit TWICE for the first entry to be selected. Where is the focus after the first press? I don't know hence it can't be important 2. Within the assistant, after pressing arrow right on a highlighted item, it opens (so far so good). Within the item I am still unable to navigate up/down using my arrow keys. This would be necessary to copy values to the clipboard (For me TOTP is often the case) 3. Assistant closes instantly after loosing focus. If I accidentally moved the cursor (touchpad) of off the window the window would just go away and I have to start over. This behavior is likely specific to window managers as it depends on how focus tracking behaves. On my setup a mouse-over focuses a window. As the assistant is OVER my browser (floating) this can trigger rather quickly due to the top-left corner being anchored to the cursor position. => Move one pixel up/left and the window is gone. Either add a close delay (max 1 sec.) or open the assistant centered on the cursor (Probably a nicer implementation) 4. SCROLLING! I already mentioned it in my other post. Don't do custom scrolling. PLEASE! I doubt (correct me if I'm wrong) Qt forces you to do so = Don't! It feels hecking awful on linux (touchpad) and it feels bad on windows (scroll-wheel). These are the most pressing things from where I stand (and what I found from the little playing I did). As someone with very high standards there are lots more things I could ask to improve but I don't want to push my luck here If you guys are interested in a bigger list of things to improve/add I could try to find some time and do another write up but for now that's all I got. Unlike with my previous write-up I did actually migrate to this version and started using it. So I don't deem it unusable anymore which is good
  11. Ugh. So I finally managed to get it working as well. Can't say 100% which of the following finally did it but here's what I did: * Remove extension from within chromium (note the id for later) * Close chromium * If still exist, remove both `.config/chromium/Default/Local Extension Settings/<id>` and `~/.config/chromium/Default/Extensions/<id>` * Remove everything extension related (use find and/or grep) from within `~/.cache/chromium/` (I nuked the whole chromium folder) * Start chromium * Install extension I think removing the cache folder was what finally solved it.
  12. Here are some more issues I'd like to report/discuss: 1. Browser extension messing up the focus I think it needs proper _NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE Atoms as it partially behaves like a normal window right now. 2. Browser extension not closing When the popup is open and I click somewhere outside of it, I'd expect it to close. Also, if you had the menu open you can't even close it with Esc. I currently have to switch my workspace for it to go away 3. Browser extension should ALWAYS focus search. If you: open the extension -> select an entry -> close the extension -> open the extension, the search field is not focused meaning you can't just start typing 4. Browser extension remembers highlighted entry After searching for an item, I expect arrow down to select the first match of the list. This is not the case because whatever was previously selected is still considered to be selected and the arrow down is based of off this other (most likely not even visible) item 5. Browser extension not as keyboard friendly as with Enpass 5 With the previous version of Enpass it was possible to arrow right on an item to open its detail view, than arrow up/down to highlight one of its details and finally press return to add the info to your clipboard. This is very useful if websites have improper forms where enpass might fail resolving an entry to username/password or you have other stuff that just can't be autofilled. From the top of my head this are the most pressing issues I've had from the little testing I did. Especially 1 is infuriating on my i3-wm setup. If you need more input on any of the above just hit me up (pm or ping me here, both is fine). I really want enpass to be great but as of right now it just feels way more inconvenient to use than the previous version.
  13. Not really. I guess you tried relogging already?
  14. Will webdav be added again add some point? I'm not going to sync my wallet to any provider I wouldn't mind sftp either (I'd actually prefer it)
  15. Did you guys implement some form of custom scrolling behavior? Because scrolling feels really bad. In the items list it's very slow while in the info/edit section it's super fast. It also feels like you implemented your own version of kinetic scrolling which just doesn't work out. Lastly, that "bounce" when you reach the top/bottom is... not great. I'd appreciate that being gone I use the libinput driver if that's relevant.
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