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  1. Seems that a reboot of the computer solved the issue for me.
  2. I see the same thing here and though i added the icon to the Taskbar nothing happen when i click it. To open Enpass i must double click on the icon in the tray: Please fix! :)
  3. Roger

    Duplicate an entry

    You can either select the item you want to duplicate and press Ctrl+D or select the item and click on the menu in the attached image and make a duplicate from there.
  4. This is the best i found: https://www.enpass.io/introducing-enpass-6-crafted-with-the-spirit-of-himalayas
  5. Got it! Favicons will be implemented in a future upgrade. They had it in the beta but it had some issues and were removed before release. Personally i hope we will see an upgrade soon as i miss favicons as well.
  6. 1. Double click on the item as you were to edit it. 2. Left click on the icon in the edit pane. (not right click) 3. Choose the icon that fits your needs. This will let you change the icon from the globe icon to another icon.
  7. Roger

    No more touchID?

    I just tested this and see the same thing. When i am logged out from Microsoft Store the Premium features in Enpass stops working. So to use Premium features we are forced to be constantly logged into our Microsoft account. Totally unacceptable.
  8. I have pinned the Enpass icon to my Taskbar. I expect to click once to launch Enpass but if i click once i can see the UI brief and then it is gone like a flash. Next time i click, iow the second click on the Enpass icon, Enpass launches as expected. I saw this in build 220 and now in build 239. Important: This happens only when i have booted the computer. All subsequent launches of Enpass do require one (1) click. So to reproduce it, reboot the computer, warm boot or cold boot, and let Enpass start in the background and then click one on the icon you have pinned to the Taskbar. Additional info: If i install the desktop version Enpass launches at the first click. (as expected) I can reproduce this on two different computers. (HP desktop Workstation and ASUS laptop)
  9. What happens if you update your graphic card driver? I have seen similar issues with Adobe software this fall and it almost always boiled down to old graphic drivers. Updating them fixed the issues. Hopefully it will do the trick with Enpass as well. Intel: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/product/80939/Graphics-Drivers Nvidia: https://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx AMD: https://www.amd.com/en/support
  10. I am definitely not trolling. So what you want is to auto lock when Enpass has been idle for less than one (1) minute?
  11. Change "System Inactive for..." from 1 to let´s say 100. When i do that Enpass do not shut down after 1 minute.
  12. Go to Settings > Security and change when the auto lock should kick in.
  13. Does anyone see this on a English version of Windows? I have seem many issues/bug diretcly related to the language in Windows. That´s why i never use a Swedish version of Windows today, i stick with the English version.
  14. It seems that once you have set up Enpass 6 there is no option to import the database file from Enpass5, iow the walltex.db. However, if you uninstall Enpass 6 and re-install it you have two options to restore Enpass 5 data in the bottom of the interface. For some reason this is not showed by default, you must manually scroll down to find it. So yes, Enpass 6 does support the database from Enpass 5.
  15. Roger

    No more touchID?

    Some further differences: 9. The Store version is build 218 while the Desktop version is build 230. Not the same iow. And, the latest beta build of the Store version was 220. So the Store version is actually older than the latest beta of the Store version. *huh* This is a difference i happen to like. All system icons on Windows are white and i think the white icon in the Store version blends in better than the blue icon in the Desktop version. But i don´t know if it is that important to me that i prefer to use an older Store version rather than the newer Desktop version. The Premium features gives me very little, i can create a Template but i cannot select and use that very template when Enpass auto-add a password into Enpass. (So what´s the point of a template...) For me this is the most annoying difference. I want to have everything in the same folder for easier backup management. I can work around it by installing the Desktop version and do the changes and then uninstall the Desktop version and install the Store version. Now, the store version uses the same settings as the Desktop version. But, workarounds and register hacks were exciting in the 90´s, not so exciting 2018 soon-to-be 2019.
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