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  1. Hi @Manish Chokwal! OK sorry.
  2. I don't get it why you asking this? This is a known bug in the latest 6.8 BETA. I have got this info from the support team via ticket:
  3. @TheRock64Sadly not. My last info was a week ago from the support and they said that this problem is in the current beta and will be fixed. But without any ETA. I have now installed the stable version and the webdav sync works now again.
  4. Any news on this? I think also that this is a major issue and should not be open for months.
  5. I do have the same problem. @Abhishek Dewan Any news about the fix?
  6. After clicking the Amazon entry in the Firefox/Chrome Browser Plugin it opens a new page and I see the login fields but it does not fill the fields. I have to tap CTRL and # or reselect the entry. For other sites after clicking on the entry it opens the page and I will automatically be logged in.
  7. OK so let me explain. 1. Updates -> Windows App does not notify the user of an update it does automatically updates without any info (changelog) -> Desktop App notify me if I open the app and I see the changelog 2. Windows App can't be placed on the Windows desktop --> I see it only in the Windows start menu 3. Icon --> The Windows App Icon is not the new shiny blue icon ;-) 4. I use a "program starter" app and Windows Apps are not recognized. So I need to start it via the Windows start menu. 5. And so on...
  8. This was in the BETA too.
  9. Where did you read that it is only on the Windows 10 Store version? I don't find any info about it.
  10. I don't get it. So how can I buy the premium features if I use the Desktop version and not the Windows 10 App Store version?
  11. Why can't I buy the premium feature not on the Desktop App of Enpass? I don't want to use the Windows 10 App.
  12. Anyone can help? I want to buy the extra feature but in the Desktop BETA I can't :-( So how can I get the Windows Store version do buy the extra features?
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