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  1. Hello, This is a feature that I've been waiting for a long time on previous version, but never appeared. I Use the beta testing to try and ask for this : Would it be possible to have an azerty (and other language) keyboard for your non english users ? Thanks for your feedback,
  2. Hi @Anshu Kumar, Thanks, for your help. I just tested it and it worked ! (I simplified the process by exporting the key from my main account to a .reg file that I opened in my wife's session.) Best regards, Thibault
  3. Hi again ! Thanks for taking the time, I checked this registry key on my two sessions, and I confirm that the second session (my wife's) doesn't have this key register (after a fresh instal as an administrator). Here is the screen I have on my own session : and here under, her own session: I hope it can help...
  4. Hi @Anshu kumar, Thanks for your reply, I did perform the installation of NMHost in the new session. I will try to un-instal and re-instal. Should I check the startup program list , or any services or running program in that new session ? How can I check that NMHost is running properly, or how can I force it to load ? Thanks again, Cheers !
  5. Hi every one. It's been more than half an hour now that I am looking for some similar issues here but can't find any, so I will try to explain myself clearly... I use enpass from windows store on my computer running windows 10. I have installed EnpassNMHost to use Edge and Firefox extensions. Everything is fine (Edge extension first clic gives me a "connection error" tab, but second clic is always fine). Firefox extension works great from first clic. I just created a new user session on my computer for my wife who's own pc died)... And here the trouble begins, (not because of my wife ). On its session I had to install again enpass from windows store, and EnpassNMHost. Edge extension works the same way it does on my user session (my wife won't use it) , but Firefox extension won't work (she uses Firefox because I told her to for so many years...). It keeps giving me a "connection error tab". (My own session is still working, yeah ) Was it OK to install EnpassNMHost again on the new session? Is there any specific I should know about for using enpass in a multiuser environment...? Thanks for your help! Sorry if my English is approximative....
  6. Hi, I invite you to read the lasts comments on this post : https://www.enpass.io/blog/enpass-extension-for-windows-microsoft-edge/ Seems the next releases should be close to give us a good extension
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