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  1. Hello is there a special offer or a code for pro Users? I have Pro Lifetime and want to upgrade to Premium Liftetime.
  2. i have a similar issue. with the store version i can unlock after windows starts for first time with windows hello. with the desktop website version it doesn't work. another curious problem!
  3. any news? since 2 years of this thread no solution for us?
  4. It is impossible how the support here deals with customers. I'll probably look for an alternative. unfortunately there are not many. most want an annual fee. I want to buy if lifetime. I'm glad that I only have lifetime from enpass and don't pay monthly for this strange store.
  5. doesnt work the store version. can not install it. and still no answer of the enpass team. really bad support!!!!
  6. Desktop version didn't remember windows hello. I have a tcp module and with store version it worked fine. problems over problems with enpass.
  7. for those of who need your passwords, install the windows desktop version. https://www.enpass.io/downloads/ Windows Website Version For me it works now. But I am waiting for statement from Enpass Team!!!! I think I will look for alternates in the future. Not the first problem with Enpass.
  8. Any News? Otherwise I'll have to switch to another software.
  9. Thank you! Very strange. With the Website Version it works directly. I will use this version. Does the website version getting updates automatically?
  10. I restored a backup and at least I can get back into the program. Connecting to the WebDav server still doesn't work in Enpass. In Windows, however, I can access the WebDav server. Enpass is allowed in the firewall. All entered data is correct (address, user, password) It's the latest store-version.
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