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    Where is the WiFi Sync for Enpass 6?

    Me too. Would be a very powerful feature for me.
  2. Another month. When will we get this Update?
  3. what's up here admins? no help/comment?
  4. Hello I have buyed the Premium Version, a ASUS TPM 2.0 module and a Fingerprint Modul. Windows Hello Login in Windows 10 works fine. But how can I login with the fingerprint modul in Enpass without the master-password. Therefore I have buyed a TPM Module. But how can i activate it? I haved disabled and reenabled Windows Hello in Enpass, but nothing happend. acutally I wanted to buy the Mobile Version too, but i think i will switch to another PM if there is no solution.
  5. I want it too, today I buyed premium, because i thought I could unlock it with windows hello without the master password.
  6. dan45

    2 Workstations

    Hello, when I buy the Desktop Version for my PC, do I have to buy it again for my notebook?