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  1. Thank you! Very strange. With the Website Version it works directly. I will use this version. Does the website version getting updates automatically?
  2. I restored a backup and at least I can get back into the program. Connecting to the WebDav server still doesn't work in Enpass. In Windows, however, I can access the WebDav server. Enpass is allowed in the firewall. All entered data is correct (address, user, password) It's the latest store-version.
  3. Hello I have Windows 10 and after trying some other antivirus programs my Enpass doesn't sync to my Synology WebDAV anymore. I have tried to reinstall Enpass. Now I have only the Setup-Wizard. also here I can no longer establish a connection. Any Ideas? I have tried to deactive the Windows defener too.
  4. same hier. fix it please. Windows Hello after restarting still not fixed and now brave problems too.
  5. Hello, same problem here. fix it please.
  6. so now i cleared the module over bios, after that I disabled Windows Hello in Windows and reactived it. Then I enabled Windows Hello in Enpass and now it works. Great work thank you
  7. I've tried Windows Hello with PIN, because I need a new fingerprint stick. On my Laptop mit Onboard Intel TPM with fingerprint in works fine. On my PC with seperate Asus TPM 2.0 Module (Infineon) it doesnt work, after restart I have to enter the Master-Password. Can you tell me which TPM Modul I can buy for my motherboard, that works? Thanks
  8. Yesterday I Have signed up for beta Programm with my Store ID but I dont get the Version.
  9. in Windows Store I don't find the v6.5 Version. How can I get it?
  10. Month for month no News. I'm very angry. I think I will change to another software. I have paid for this feature and the money is away.
  11. Admins: When will we finally now get full windows support??!! 6 months now and even no update!
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