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  1. I understand it's not possible to give precise information. But you must have some information to share. Some new exciting features or whatever may be interesting and show you are really developing it. Users are not necessarily asking for ETA, but just info to know if something is planned somewhere in the near future. Just to know that you are actually really developping Enpass (and not just telling you are without actually doing it) I'm testing several password manager. Some developed by larger companies, other by very small teams. In both cases, they have many more updates. Some even share vague information about what's probably coming up this year. Just to show they hear the users, they are actually working hard. Enpass on the opposite is completely opaque, or deaf. That's actually quite worrying. I noticed I'm not the only person who is wondering what's actually happening. This might definitely cost you users...
  2. I rather demand that the software is actively developed and good communication. New features are nice, but active maintenance and communication about the current development is an absolute requirement, especially where there are minor updates every 5-6 months only. I will ask again: - Is Enpass still actively developed? (or is it basically dead beside a few rare minor maintenance update solving only the most severe bugs) - If yes, then what is currently going on? Why is there no news for months about what is going on, why does it looks like a dead software? What is the roadmap? Could you communicate a bit more? Thank you.
  3. Hi there, I'm a 1Password 7 user and am searching for a replacement solution supporting self-hosting on Webdav. At my work we are using Enpass which is working fine but, for my personal use, I have more and more doubt. Why? I see that Enpass is barely having any update (even minor). It is good the browser plugin got a major update, but that's it in the last few years. There is absolutely no update about any redesign, new feature, nothing that actually indicate Enpass is still actively developed, but rather just maintain to survive. It would be a thing if there were regularly update, but we see that now, there are several months between any minor updates for bug fixes. Bugs which are reported does not seem to be fixed either before months. That's usually either indicate the project is dead or there is a major update being prepared in secret. I see I'm not the only person. So, actually before I actually buy Strongbox (which is actively developed and which would not be a problem if it just dies as it is using an open format), could you hint if Enpass is still developed. And if yes, then why does it seem dead? Changing of Password manager is something not to be taking lightly, so I really want to know in what I invest my money and time. Thank you!
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