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  1. Hello Garima Thank you for investigating, I'm glad I wasn't going just going bananas! I look forward to future updates.
  2. Hello Garima Thank you for replying. In Enpass two Google entries are shown as: Username: My Screen Name E-Mail: Account E-Mail Password: Password Prior to the issue I've reported; when logging in to Google, Enpass would correctly enter the e-mail and then the password. It would correctly, not use the Username as part of the login. Approximately a week ago, without any change to Enpass software, or to the entries within Enpass, when logging into Google the Username was now pasted into the login window. I've changed nothing at all, but for whatever reason the Username is the first item pasted in, whereas before it was the e-mail. If I modify the above entry so it shows as below the log in process will operate correctly. Username: Account E-Mail E-Mail: Account E-Mail Password: Password If I create a new Google entry with the Username as before, Enpass will again wrongly enter that Username. Your colleagues may wish to try a Google entry with: Username: Your Screen Name E-Mail: Account E-Mail Password: Password And see which information is entered first, it should be the e-mail, but for me at the moment it is now the text from the Username section that is entered. I'm wondering whether Google may have changed the login section and that might now trigger Enpass to enter the Username text rather than the e-mail. As mentioned this is true with all three desktop versions and both Chrome and Firefox extensions. Regards Thoughts?
  3. Hello Garima Just to let you know: 6.5.1 (723), 6.5.2 (725) and 6.5.2 (727) have not resolved the manually adjusted app size error. So pressing Exit with the app full screen will still override any previous manually adjusted app size.
  4. Windows 10 Enpass Desktop 6.5.1 (723) & 6.5.2 (725) & 6.5.2 (727) - Chrome Extension 6.5.1 & Firefox Extension 6.5.1 When trying to login to Google, the User Name (Screen Name) is entered rather than the e-mail address. If I edit the Enpass entry to change the User Name to the e-mail address it functions correctly. The behavior is the same in both Google Chrome 86.0.42 and Firefox 81.02 and is specific to Google (other logins function normally). It seems to be a change 'by' Google because even older versions of Enpass (6.5.1) that previously entered the e-mail address now exhibit the same fault. If I create a new login from a Google template the same thing happens. The entry as mentioned can be modified so it does work correctly, but thought it worth letting you know the error.
  5. Hello Pratyush Windows 10 Pro 1909 / Enpass 6.5..0 (707) With Enpass 6.5.0 installed no ‘rogue’ single duplicate password entries at present, but I had previously cleared those (by restoring my vault from a json file) prior to the installation of 6.5.0 so I’m unable to say if anything has changed in relation to that. If the app is closed while full screen it still overrides the manually adjusted app size, so as before the window size at Exit is the one Enpass stores as its restore down size. Let me know if you require further information. Regards, Thoughts?
  6. golfball – As a bit of further info. Images work best if square or inside a square frame. Try to keep images at around 600 x 600 or smaller. Jpeg or png can be used if app theme is white, if app theme is black, png images look the cleanest. GIMP image editor is very effective at converting ico files (common for logos) to a png file and place rectangular logos within a square frame so it's correctly displayed within Enpass. I’ve attached an alternative transparent Google logo as an example.
  7. Sorry it didn't. I've had the same issue. There appears to be a glitch where Enpass gets confused about specific passwords. I had multiple items show as different 'identical' password entries, four items with a (1) against each. One of the items cleared with my first suggestion, one with the second and later two others, that simply wouldn't clear. In the end I exported my vault as a json file created a backup and disconnected my cloud sync, just to be safe, then deleted the old vault and re-imported the json file and found the identical password errors had gone. I then deleted my old cloud backup and started a new sync. There's a bit of work involved, but it did work! But obviously only consider this if you're comfortable doing it.
  8. bestpika – If of any help, creating a duplicate of the problematic item, modifying it slightly (change its name) then deleting the original can sometimes clear the problem. An alternative version of this is to copy all the details of the item (to notepad etc), delete the item and clear it from Trash. Finally create a new entry from your saved details.
  9. Browser used was Firefox 79.0 64 Bit. Browser Extension 6.4.0 I did not test 6.5.0 in other browsers, but the non-beta release 6.4.2 worked across both Firefox 79 and Google Chrome 84. Log in issue was specific to 6.5.0, Firefox 79.0 and those three sites. I have today, following your reply, updated Firefox to 80.0 and reinstalled 6.5.0 Beta and on testing it now works with the three sites in question. There may have been a glitch, but the latest version of Firefox 80.0 and Google Chrome 84.0 both appear to work correctly with 6.5.0 Beta. Thank you for the investigation and hopefully it's sorted itself.
  10. Windows 10 1909 64Bit – Enpass 6.5 (Beta) & 6.4.2 After updating desktop software from 6.4.2 to 6.5 (Beta) multiple sites fail to log in. Clicking on a browser extension entry, log in details are entered but multiple sites simply ignore them. No error is displayed, by the website, it’s as though they don’t even see the text. Only if I manually copy and paste the log in details is the log in accepted. If I then uninstall 6.5 (Beta) and reinstall 6.4.2 the same log in procedure now works correctly. I installed 6.5 (Beta) twice and in every case the error was the same and resolved by reinstalling 6.4.2. Websites tested GMX, 33mail and Kaspersky
  11. It's simply saying any separate documents, photos etc. that might be stored with any of your entries will not be exported in the CSV file. CSV is a purely text based file so can only handle the form contents: URLs, e-mails, passwords etc. Proceed to file name and location, press Export and the CSV will be exported to your chosen folder.
  12. Window 10 Pro 1909 - Enpass 6.4.2 (669) Google Chrome 84.041 & Firefox 78.02 (Both 64Bit) Enpass forgets to enter the password for entries to Outlook.live.com and Onedrive.live.com. The passwords are correctly stored in Enpass (for each entry and site) but if I double-click on the entry in the browser extension the e-mail is entered but not the password. If, at the password screen, I double-click the entry again, Enpass enters nothing into the web page. I must manually copy and paste the password from Enpass into the website. It will on occasion work correctly but is erratic. Other sites with similar two page logins, such as Google, operate correctly. It seems specific to those two .live websites. I checked the Webform for each entry and they correctly showed E-Mail and Password. All login details are also correct. Tested using latest versions of Google Chrome and Firefox.
  13. Thank you for replying.
  14. Two minor glitches, but thought I’d mention them. Windows 10 Pro 1909 / Enpass 6.4.2 (669) Desktop app: If I manually adjust the app window to say ¼ screen, Enpass will remember that setting when I exit the app and next open it. However, if I press Maximize and then exit the window, Enpass will overwrite my manually adjusted setting, leaving it with two Maximized positions. Essentially the window size at Exit is what Enpass stores as its Restore Down window size. If I always press Restore Down before pressing exit, Enpass will remember my ¼ size window. But if I forget and exit the app with the window maximized my setting is overwritten. If pressing exit simply exited the app and wasn’t used to save the window size, the manually adjusted window size could be retained. Occasionally Enpass will show single website entries in the Identical password section. If I make a duplicate copy of the entry, delete the original version and make a trivial alteration to the copy (add a note etc) Enpass will eventually remove the item from the Identical password section, even though no log in or website details were changed. Some entries just seem to confuse Enpass. Regards, Thoughts?
  15. Hello Pratyush You’re welcome, thank you for replying.
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