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  1. I hope this issue is resolved and new update is pushed as i am waiting to move to enpass.
  2. What if my computer and mobile gets reset same time and my cloud password is saved in Enpass. How am i suppose to access my cloud backup? When i think of that situation it scares me badly. Enpass Individual subscription is just fee for the software but there is no ease of mind. I have premium subscription which cost everyone 21.49 Euro yearly which does not have any cloud storage so if we are paying just for an offline password manager with so called security then why don't we just use keepass? it also comes with several plugins to sync with cloud. what makes enpass so special? I am roboform u
  3. @Pratyush Sharma Roboform Version Enpass Version 6.6.0 (775) OS: Windows 10 Pro OS Version: 20H2 OS Build: 19042.804 Due to security concerns i am not able to share those websites publicly so i have sent you message in inbox for samle website URL which have more then 2 login fields.
  4. I have been using roboform since last 12 years and i have over 2k+ passwords. I successfully imported my passwords from roboform to Enpass but when i imported my roboform notes to Enpass i got a problem. All notes were imported successfully but enpass did not import all data of notes. Many of them had titles only but no data in notes. I tried exporting and importing CSV also but issue remained. Now i have doubts about logins also and i will have to manually go through all logins to make sure it has imported all if my logins. Second issue i had was. I have websites which have multiple fields mo
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